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  1. Launcher Version: 249 Operating System: Windows 8 x64 Java Version: Version 7 update 17 Description of Problem: When the launcher attempts to unpack a custom modpack .zip, it appears to corrupt the file and make it unusable. This prevents anyone from opening the .zip, and the unpack fails, making the pack impossible to use. I should note that when I download the pack's .zip and open it on my own that it unpacks perfectly fine. Could it be something to do with what archiver was used to compress the pack? Another thing I just found, after attempting to unpack it it reduces the file size from 114,476 kb to 83 kb. It appears to also happen with every custom modpack except those officially supported. Error Messages:
  2. Your ingame name: Pedonymous Why you want to join our server: Looking for quiet servers, public servers are always a mess Have you played on any of our other servers, if so which? No. Something about yoursel: Excited to use Galacticraft!
  3. IGN (In Game Name): Pedonymous Age: 19 2 Reasons you would like to play on this server - Haven't played Tekkit in a while, starting up again because SPACE - New servers are always pretty quiet and stable. Experience with the mods in the pack: Everything except powersuits and Minefactory. Galacticraft too of course. Will you make a Youtube series, if so what's the account name: No siree. Would you like to become an op?: Ehhhn, maybe if the server ends up being long-term. I think I'd like a commitment like that once I get comfy.
  4. You fucking ignorant faggot. Owning a server does not mean your patrons are yours free to abuse as you see fit. Owning a server means you are obligated to keep people happy if you want people to keep coming to play with you. Get bent.
  5. Don't play on this server. The admin uses the excuse of it being under construction to abuse his abilities. Multiple times I was killed despite minding my own business, and I was finally banned for calling the admin out on his actions.
  6. -IGN: Pedonymous -Age: 19 -Tekkit Knowledge: Most, if not all of it. I'm experimenting with RP computers. -Do you have and use Skype?: Yes and yes, but I'm shy about voice chat. -General Minecraft Knowledge: ALL OF IT HNNNNG -How long have you played Tekkit and/or Minecraft?: Minecraft since infdev, Tekkit since before there was a launcher or a Tekkit. -Have you ever been banned? if so, why?: Yes, mostly for breaking the wrong blocks in the wrong places, on servers with overreactive badmins. -Did you read the rules?: Them's some pimpin' rules, yo. -Do you understand that at anytime if you’ve made a server lagging project that we the staff have the right to tear it down to keep performance up?: Yes, and I'll most likely experience such an event with my tinkering. You'll put my stuff in a chest, I assume? -Tell us a bit about yourself, your plans once on the server, you builds, or something to let us get to know you.: I'd like to build a large, fully functional city in the Nether with security systems and such. Far too ambitions for my own good. -How awesome of a builder are you?: MODERATELY, I'm quite slow.
  7. Your In Game Name: Pedonymous Your Age: 19 How often are you planning on playing: 6-8 hours a day, give or take. For experienced players, the structure you are most proud of building: Massive nether-based facility with working automatic farms and a "Ghast-alarm" that worked with tesla coils, blinking lights and the industrial alarm. For everyone, why do you think Verve is the server for you: I need a quiet, friendly server. I've had enough of getting my first set of machines going before someone steals them all or just kills me for no reason. Additional Comments: Not much else, except that I wanna play ASAP!
  8. Sounds about right. God that game is shit. All of them.
  9. And, during the SAME unskippable cutscene, you are defeated, despite dominating the boss battle preceeding said cutscene.
  10. That's Minecraft's shitty memory management and Java itself, nothing you can do but download more RAM.
  11. Essentials, factions, MCregion. Keep it simple.
  12. The limit of wires is 128 blocks, but they can be refreshed with a repeater or something of the like. But I was hoping to be able to connect an unlimited number of computers to the network, you know?