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  1. Now if only I could get online to look at them... Is the server down or is there something up at my end?
  2. You could also put a door in front of your nether portal and waterfall.
  3. Maybe I should build a track to your castle and charge a bar of gold for a ticket.
  4. Oh come on, diamonds are hard to get and I'm sure people would pay well for at LEAST instructions on finding your base.
  5. That happens occasionally, the best remedy is perseverance. Ace, can I sell your base coordinates please? I need the diamonds.
  6. The server has been on for several hours today, there are problems with the restart plugin meaning minecraftvg has to run it manually. Also, alex, you might consider being more careful with your posts. MinecraftVG12 is the server admin. Also, *you're.
  7. Ace, are you sure you can't make a banner yet? It would be very helpful.
  8. Don't worry Dilla, no one has suggested this before. You aren't repeating anyone else's ideas. Reading just a few pages before your own application is absolutely not a good idea.
  9. By the way, minecraftvg, IGN stands for In Game Name. IGN is their Minecraft name.
  10. Well just say when the server is up and I will see if I can get on.
  11. Dilla, how on earth could that be a reply to your application? Look above your post at MinecraftVG's question.
  12. A dynamap would be amazing. And since it's not a PVP server it won't affect gameplay badly.
  13. Aaaand I crashed it again. Seriously, I think it's me. Or maybe having three players on is just too much. Or maybe there's a glitch in the chunk I'm in.
  14. Oh, Ace, when you say 'Don't modify the village' can we still trade with villagers and harvest crops (if we replant the crops, of course)?
  15. I'm glad it's up. Perhaps you could get a banner so we can tell whether the server is offline or not?
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