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  1. I seem to be having trouble downloading the modpack? When I try to run the modpack after adding it to my modpack list, it immediately says "Error downloading file for the following pack: Outer Colonies etc. etc. Please contact the modpack author." I'm running Mac OSX, I've added modpacks before and they're worked fine. This looks like a great modpack, I hope I'm able to play it!
  2. Have you all tried redownloading? Multiple times?
  3. Morph mod? As in Animorphs? Links and details would be nice.
  4. I think if we figured out a way to get ICBM into Hexxit we could solve this problem quite easily.
  5. For Mac users, Search your username in the Spotlight Click the folder that comes up Go to library/application support/technic/hexxit/config/extrabiomes/extrabiomes.cfg Open it with TextEdit (right click -> Open With...) then change the same setting that Wheelie mentioned. This should work (but I haven't tested it for laziness reasons). [edit] OH, found another fix. Fire. Lots of fire.
  6. Apparently not. Redownload? Also, more information would be nice. OS, Java, pack version, etc.
  7. Is it just me, or did the JAC gaming thread just vanish into thin air? I think you may have gotten a little justice, louis. Although, the JAC forums section of the server also seem to be having some problems...

    1. louiskw


      I'm not really sure what else Technic can do tbh. The move to ban Moon_Owl is certainly going to impact JAC though. The first image is the last reply to a conversation he started with me. It ends with 'I DO NOT GIVE TWO S***S ABOUT MINEMOD' and 'Its not going to bring that s*** community back'. The second image is his profile, which now displays the generic 'kitty jail' photo.

    2. Doomzzday01


      Ha! Nice. Hey, now that the thread is gone, I don't have a link to the MineMod page. Could you give me the URL?

    3. louiskw



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  8. A pack version tag like [1.3.13] or [1.3.9] would be nice here. Otherwise, this server looks pretty cool.
  9. If you move your mouse to where the button WOULD have been were the screen normal, you should be able to click buttons. You may have to wave the pointer around in the general area until the button's mirror image highlights.
  10. I'm just going around and posting this on all similar bugs: If you go to Fullscreen mode under Options -> Video Settings -> Fullscreen Mode it tends to fix the problem, so long as you stay in fullscreen mode.
  11. FN-F11 will hide the window on some macs instead of going to fullscreen mode (depends on keybindings), but if you go to on the main menu or the game menu and click Options -> Video Settings -> Fullscreen Mode and toggle it to ON it should work.
  12. If you go into fullscreen mode, it flips the screen right-side-up again.
  13. People sure have been nice about their whitelist applications being denied. Kind of... refreshing. Good job, people.
  14. Perhaps you should disable DD for the time being, until you're able to supervise the server a bit more closely. Looks like a great server, I plan to join it soon!
  15. You sound a bit like my computer when it's restarting for updates. Likewise, you're liable to take awhile. Good luck with the plugins.
  16. "Why I would be nice for this server: I am a nice guy and I can help with anything" ... "dick" No further comments, except maybe you should try an open server.
  17. I think it was due to be up more reliably once VG got his new computer built. Either that, or when they fix the restart plugin.
  18. Ace, do you know when/if the site might get company sections? I've been looking for advertising space, so to speak.
  19. Ace, I think you've found the epitomy of whitelist applications in The_Gamer's application.
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