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  1. also with new world Skyblock Industries is accepting a total of five applicants as employees/partners! Go to site forums if you would like to apply. Do not junk up this thread with it.
  2. Oh nvm, didn't notice it said "clean slate world" i hate it when i miss obvious things like that.
  3. ST please PM me when the server is online, the status thing hasn't updated yet apparently. Nvm it just came on lol
  4. Hey, if you're good with RP motors/frames (and we both get accepted) I would enjoy working on some airship projects-I've had a good bit of experience with airships and might be able to help you out with your floating castle!
  5. First, the Q&A Age: 15 IGN: Doomzzday01 Have I ever been banned: Not to the best of my knowledge, nor have I been kicked (except once accidentally) Why I think I should join this server: I've been looking for a perfect Tekkit server for months, and I eventually decided that small servers were the way to go. So I hosted a server with my brother, just the two of us. It worked out fine, but it was a little taxing to my laptop to run the server and Tekkit, and I couldn't get any other computer to run the server. So, I was looking for servers in the forums lists and found this! I haven't ev
  6. It is a full anarchy server. There are no banned items. But really, 6 nukes? world edge? come on. I can't think of a better way to grief an entire server than lagging it to death. Try fewer nukes. Also can a faction/town plugin be added? I just KNOW im gonna get betrayed by some idiot what thinks he's smart
  7. And here I was thinking this server was online 24/7. It seems more like its offline 24/7. Its online-offline ratio was about 35% last I checked. Please remake your tabs.
  8. CONFESSION: I was one of those people. Its why I decided to stay permanently. However my brother, who waited longer to apply, got some message about not being able to play until whitelisted or something like that. Sorry, I didn't know it was not allowed, I thought it was more of a guest-versus-member kind of thing.
  9. That makes sense. But I can't talk 1 on 1 with you if I don't know what channel to talk on. Not to mention what time. Thanks!
  10. Ranger Problem I logged onto this server as a dwarf ranger, but the lag makes hitting any moving target practically impossible. So I tried to switch to mage... and ended up with mage spells and ranger equipment. My spells sorta work, but I don't have a wand. So I was wondering a) if there is an ingame fix for this or, if not, if you could 'delete' me or whatever so that I'm reset and can re-choose my items. Thanks!
  11. I have been told to get on TS before, but unfortunately I don't have TS and I doubt my wizened old comp would let me play Tekkit and run Teamspeak at the same time. I'll look into it though. Not to criticize, but surely there are people with problems unsolved who can't get TS? What about them? Thanks for your cooperation!
  12. SERVER ADMIN! Me and the other members of the town Pockey would like to complain of several greifing problems: Please understand that I have nothing against nationsmc.com, in fact it is my favorite tekkit server. However my experience is consistently ruined by the player thecreeperx98 and his town Rising. Creeper left our town one day, taking several items, such as iron doors and a computer, with him, and started Rising. From that moment forward he repeatedly raided our town-which I understand is perfectly legal. However just a few moments before this post several members of the town Risi
  13. Name: Doomzzday01 Age: 15 Do you wish to join Anyon (starting town): No, I already have a town in mind. Have you played IC2 or Buildcraft: Other than on Tekkit, no. What is the purpose of a macerator: It grinds ores, doubling material output. Recommendations (if you have been invited): None to speak of. I know a few of the players. Other things I should know: I'm currently having a problem with the server requiring outdated mods for login, hope to get that fixed soon.
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