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  1. I can confirm that I can connect without a vpn fantastic :)
  2. I think this may be the culprit. Legend has it that the wild "bandersnatch" like to mess with forum connections in its free time (when it is not chasing young blonde girls) and has a particular taste for British Sky Broadband users. Warning last seen around the Tekkit forums. Children beware.
  3. I reccomend it is a nice little free (stable) vpn for anyone having connection issue's, Keep the site bookmarked as they change the vpn password regular. So after a very short conversation with sky technicians over the phone, I think they honestly do not have a clue. I guess its vpn or proxy until the gets resolved.
  4. Its not really a problem for myself but if it is sky, I would imagine a other members may have a problem connecting. Maybe the site has employed some kind of ddos protection or something along those lines.
  5. I hope the admins do not hate on the humble sky ISP user lol, I will give sky a ring in the morning though, Maybe if more people get in touch with them about this they will fix it.
  6. Yes that is the ISP I use. I guess they are just blocking more stuff, Kinda unfair if you ask me.
  7. I have a dynamic ip :/ and have already tried changing it (unplugging router for a few mins), My isp assigned me a new ip but same problem connecting.
  8. I can connect ok through the proxy so not too worried about it thanks for replying though.
  9. Currently connecting using Trying to connect using chrome, IE or firefox just shows the page loading and eventually timed out on both my laptop and pc. I have even reset my router and checked I was assigned a new ip. Just does not seem to connect.
  10. I access it from the UK. Its the first time this has happened.
  11. The forum seems unreachable without a proxy. Not complaining just saying.
  12. My knowledge of tekkit is low as I only recently started playing, So I would say a lucky 2-3.
  13. In the same place you typed dxdiag, Type %appdata% hit enter then delete the folder with the title ".techniclauncher". Then just log back into your client and let it download everything again.
  14. Learning experience for both of us :)
  15. Right click at desktop, select nvidia control panel,Then select manage 3D setting, change option from integrated card to nvidia card from global setting so that most programs run on nvidia. or You should look for the Nvidia settings program (supplied by Nvidia) and within there you can specify which programs to use the Nvidia card.
  16. Just turn your AV off when you download it.
  17. I think I may have the solution. Quoting a post by th3ant "I just found that my tekkit (even though I set it to previously and it is still set to) does not start with my graphics card. I'm not sure if your on a device that has switch-able graphics, but this could be a possibility. PS. I am on a laptop that switches between a Intel HD3000 to a NVIDIA GT525m. I noticed even though it was set to use the nVidia chip, it didn't. I fixed this by right clicking and selecting "Run with Graphics Processor" -> "High Performance (NVIDIA)""
  18. can you try deleting your ".techniclauncher" folder and letting the technic launcher re-download everything.
  19. Do you get the same with a newly generated map?
  20. 2gb is recommended I think, I use 4gb and suffer no lag problems.
  21. Well.. You have enough ram and certainly have enough processing/graphical power. you obviously have java installed and the correct drivers for your card installed. Other than allocating more ram to tekkit I am unsure how to help further.
  22. just means that your directx is working. lol and just trying to find an error somewhere. How much ram have you allocated to tekkit? you can change it in options to the right of where you sign in. [edit] It should choose the better by default.