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  1. :) can you also click start and in the bit at the bottom that says "search programs and files" type "dxdiag" then hit enter. try running the dxdiag test. [edit] it will be on the display tab.
  2. can you do this for me 1: click the start button 2: right click on my computer 3: select properties 4: select device manager 5: expand display adapters let me know what it says you have for a display adapter.
  3. The GTX 675M is a 2gb DDR5 graphics card that should be more than enough to run tekkit.... I thought you said you had no graphics card?
  4. Use then click the little painting in the top of the text editor where you write your post then add the direct link from imgur.
  5. I am fresh out of idea's, sorry man.
  6. Would you mind replying on the thread when you have tried this? As I am keen to know if it works with tekkit.
  7. The virtual graphics card will use up some of your 6gb ram to make the virtual card.
  8. Looking at the spec's of your machine you may be able to run a virtual graphics card (google for it) and be able to play Tekkit at a better frame rate that what you are currently at, But at a loss of system resources for the virtual card.
  9. Try running it using a lower resolution texture pack.
  10. I think you will have to manually add individual names to the "NEIServer.cfg" file creative=OP delete=OP enchant=OP heal=OP item=OP magnet=OP notify-item=CONSOLE, OP rain=OP save-state=OP time=OP where it looks like this change it this way. creative=OP, playername1, playername2 delete=OP enchant=OP heal=OP item=OP, playername1, playername2 magnet=OP notify-item=CONSOLE, OP rain=OP save-state=OP time=OP, playername1, playername2 Change playername1 and playername2 to your staff members names.
  11. Hi I can not help you repair the plugins that are throwing errors, But I would suggest just removing them completely. (plugin manager, Ban recipe and towny) as for the prefix and suffix. Could I reccomend PEX I use this myself and have no problems with it.
  12. Hello Technic forums 'persons' I have made a blunder when adding mo creatures to tekkit, The mod works, I can see creatures such as snakes ect In the client from the server. But the normal textures for items such as marble looks different in the inventory. As you can see above the marble in the inventory looks like cobble. Can anyone point me in the right direction for fixing this please.
  13. I am not sure if this could help but : I know that the tekkit launcher can play on bukkit servers even showing the extra items. just make a lobby server on a small vps ect and have portals to 2 separate servers from there.
  14. Thanks for the advice, But I see no real change other than entity grouping with drops as I have a small server. There is no errors at all so it seems to work flawlessly.
  15. I am still very new to the whole tekkit experience and craftOs, But Could you get one computer to call functions on one of the 3 main computers?
  16. Minecraft login on the website works, So at least you can still use the browser based game.
  17. if you take a look at you will see that the login servers for minecraft are currently down.
  18. This is a very nice texture pack mod, Thank you for taking the time to put it together and release it to the community.
  19. Plugin Name: DynaMark v0.2.0.0 BukkitDev Link: Description: A simple dynamically prices virtual market Tekkit Compatibility: I found using the alternative command download gave me no errors. Although the plugin does not buy/sell all items (mod blocks) it works well.
  20. This is very much appreciated. I only use it on a home server for myself and a few friends, But it has saved me a lot of hunting any typing :)