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  1. Minecraft Username: EddySimion Have you ever been banned, if so, why?: Nope What do you plan to do on the server: Build a personal factory/fortress and get involved with community builds a little bit. Do you have any previous experience with tekkit? If so, what?: I played on a small server for a month about 4 months ago and took a break when it died. Recently decided to get back into it for a hobby.
  2. Ingame Name: EddySimion Reason of joining: Looking for a hobby for the insane amount of free time I have and this server looks ilke just my kind of place! I'm interested in doing my own thing but also helping with community builds if you guys are into that. Experience: About 6 months of vanilla minecraft and a couple months of tekkit Age: 19 Favorite mod: I think I used IC2 and Redpower the most. I havnt played for about 4 months so I would have to relearn some things.
  3. Name/Nickname: Eddy IGN: EddySimion Age: 19 Time Zone: U.S. Central Will you use Ventrilo? (to talk / interact with the community) Sure Will you be a dedicated player on our server? Yeah I could really use a hobby so I'll be on quite a bit. Why should we add you/a little bit about yourself: I have several months of vanilla experience and about 2 months of Tekkit experience so I have a rough idea of whats going on. Im friendly and easy to get along with. I love doing community builds and I'm also thinking about doing some Tekkit youtube videos for random stuff and would love to have some friendly players to help. I don't mind helping other players out if they need it as I would expect the same from more experienced players if I had a question. I look forward to playing with you guys should you accept me!
  4. Ingame Name: EddySimion Age: 19 Tekkit Experience (Yes, No): Yes Amount Played (If Yes): I played vanilla for 5 months and tekkit for about a month and a half Tell us why you would like to play on our server (Multiple Sentences Please): Well right now Im looking for a hobby and thought maybe getting back into Tekkit would be fun. Im also thinking of doing some tekkit youtube videos and wouldnt mind having some friendly players to make them with. Also would be all for some community builds if you guys are into that. Previous Bans: Nope
  5. IGN: EddySimion Reason for wanting to become a member: Looking for a friendly server to learn what tekkit has to offer. Why should we accept you: I am very friendly, easy to get along with. When I learn how to use tekkit I would be more than happy to help other new players!
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