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  1. While I do enjoy playing with my friends, I prefer SSP because I get tired of my friends wasting tons of minerals and what not. For example: My friend seems to think that it is immanent that he have 20 furnaces. Every time I have ever played with him, the first thing he does is make tons of furnaces and shovels.
  2. I'm not saying that Halo 1 was better than Halo 2. I'm just saying that was the first FPS that I loved, but I would easily call Halo 2 the best in the series followed by Halo 3.
  3. Most of my favorite memories come from games that I don't know the name of because I was too young, but off the top of my head I would say Advance Wars, Need for Speed 2, and the original Halo. Edit: I forgot to mention my all time favorite Warcraft 3 (which is also the first real game that I played on the PC).
  4. There are only a few differences. Mo' Creatures, Thaumcraft, Mystcraft, and Steve's Carts. I believe those are the only mods that have their own textures, but I'm not entirely sure.
  5. Very relaxing on the eyes. Which is always a good thing. I think Tekkit looks a lot better with smooth textures. The only thing that could make it better is if you could make a Technic version, but I'm not expecting anything nor am I trying to force you. Also - Thanks for actually sticking with this.
  6. Fixed it. Thank you once again my friend.
  7. The link says, "Nothing Here -- The file you are looking for has been deleted or moved."
  8. Not so far, but I still need to leave myself the option... just in case. But thanks for picking up on this, its very nice of you.
  9. First off you most likely wont have to port forward because its already on the same network, unless you have some weird setup. If you've downloaded the Minecraft Server program and run it, all your sister needs to do is type "localhost" as the IP and it should work. If it doesn't you'll probably have to go to your router and find your local IP to type in. If you need a more specific tutorial, Google will be your best friend (Although Google should already be your best friend). And if this doesn't work use Hamachi, it is the easier way to go about doing this.
  10. Do you plan on making a version for Technic?