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  1. IGN:Supadupa2 Hi! im looking for a friendly and maybe small place where i can have some fun! (among others). Is this the right place to be ?
  2. Age:30 IGN (In Game Name) : Supadupa2 Why Do you want to Play on this Server? I havent tryed the latest tekkit yet, i use to play tekkit classic and lite. This one looks big, good and fun! What Do you want to Build? Ofc i want to go to the moon! But maybe i'll start with a nuclear power plant or fission? i'm looking forward to check out the modpack Thx for your consideration
  3. Name: David IGN: Supadupa2 Age: 30 Favorite Tekkit Mod: nuclear control What is your favorite activity besides minecraft? ice hockey, hiking, drinking holy water Tell us a little about yourself: Im a hyper active cafeïne addict alternating in-between jobs and education in various useless fields. Yes, i have cats. Tell us about something you like about yourself: always smiling and in a good mood Tell us about something you don't like about yourself: horrible laugh sound and never serious.
  4. I'm looking for a server with smart friends to play on. Is there anything banned on this one?
  5. Username: supadupa2 Age: 29 Why Tekkitopia? I'm looking for a friendly server where i can build my machines with or without other players. Hope to have as few as possible banned items. Regards.
  6. Name: david IGN: supadupa2 Age/Sex: 29,M Loc./time zone: central europe gmt +1 Why this server: Looking for friendly ppl and machine builders. As few as possible banned items. Record: Clean. One word to describe you: Powerfull
  7. Username: Supadupa2 Age: 29 Native Language: French dutch english How long have you been playing Tekkit Lite: since it was relased, been playing on my personal server, and classic since years. Why do you want to join this server?: looking for new ideas to share. Have you read the rules?: sure
  8. Username : Supadupa2 Age: 28 Country/Timezone: Belgium gmt+1 Years playing Minecraft : 0,23 Previous op/mod experience? : no interest What you feel you can contribute : I'm awesome. Time you can contribute to the server : depends on my schedule, can be alot a week, or nothing Do you have any Mysql, Java, or HTML experience? How many years? : i used to be an engineer but havent practiced in the last decade Other information you feel may be pertinent : i'm looking for a nice community and would prefere to communicate through teamspeak.
  9. InGameName: Supadupa2 About me: 28,m, belgium, looking for... a server! Location: gmt+1 Why Tekkitia?: I played minecraft a while ago with friends on a private server. They all stopped by now, but i'm looking for a good server, on my own this time... since i'm quite social, i hope i could find myself in this one. Do you understand troublemaking/rule-breaking/griefing will get you banned/removed? Let's play!
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