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  1. Why does it matter? jakj didn't prevent you from making a pack on/using the FTB launcher with RiM in it and planetguy won't either since he kept the license the same.
  2. Iirc it's because cc turtles don't call the necessary "block break" method(s) that players do when breaking blocks, so it intentionally doesn't drop the block to prevent bugs. Something like that, anyway. CC would have to change for this to be fixed.
  3. You'll have to use a different motor/engine (template probably) that grabs the blocks in a different way such that it will ignore the bedrock.
  4. Apparently some other people are working on a fork as well in irc.esper.net/openframes
  5. New theme = much good New board software = much bad This is all I have to say about this. Edit: Now that I can see postcounts, wow I have 511 posts; it doesn't feel like I've posted nearly that much.
  6. Oh boy, the minecraft modding holocaust happens yet again!
  7. Well you didn't actually read the thread then, because it clearly says: Emphasis mine.
  8. That's the whole point of the GUI, otherwise why even bother with it if it doesn't actually do anything...?
  9. Look, that's a Block ID conflict, you need to look up how to fix those, but here's the short answer: change the block ID in the RIM config file to something not used by another block from any other mod.
  10. Known issue, he's working on it. jakj, you should direct people to use the github for issues instead of this thread; it could use some, uh, use, other than as an un-updated wiki .
  11. There's not a special version of optifine, just get the one from the optifine thread. You have to have the power gauntlet selected to cycle through its modes. Also check to make sure the key config for that action is set correctly. Btw, that problem is not similar at all to the one posted before you, in any way....
  12. I don't think you can get direct download links from mediafire, but if you can then yeah it would probably work fine.
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