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  1. this would make a GREAT party game edit: apparently the time function didnt want to work. link fixed.
  2. i mean, i could do something productive with my time, but wheres the fun in that?

  3. you know what i dont care what you say, im gonna say it l'etat, c'est moi! eat it
  4. whats even more fun than having to stand people like that, is to be that
  5. the whole psychology behind politics is what intrigues me the most. the whole two face, diplomatic, charismatic experience. i have no problem talking infront of 30 bored teenagers, its just when they question my authority and anger me to the point of doing something that i fear will cause me to lose my job. thats why im hesitant about it
  6. hey guys, i could use some input on a current crisis im having as a senior applying for college. i decided a year ago that i would double major in architecture and politicial sciences, two subjects that ive always been interested in. however, lately ive been exposed to a lot of areas that interest me more. i have always been a huge advocate and lover of history, more specifically european, and one of my classes has me assistant teaching at a nearby elementary school. the same class has also extremely made me feel incompetent as an architect, as i am just not creative enough. so i have decided
  7. brings me back to the lukeb server when we tried making our own regime :^) brings a tear to my eye ;^)
  8. i miss FireHunterX

    1. SoundSpire


      For some reason I do too


  9. hello old people i am an old man who doesnt come around that often anymore
  10. hello i am an old man who doesnt come around that often anymore
  11. howdy its yours truly i was wondering if you guys could give me some feedback on this basic lore outline im making for something ----------------- Its the midst of World War 2, and Iosif Stalin's hubris and desperation is at its max. The Germans have deeply penetrated the lands of his glorious union, and everything has slipped from his grasp following the staggering defeat at Stalingrad. Foot by foot, his entire life's devotion is falling into the hands of the seemingly unstoppable invaders. All he can do is watch, and rely on his generals and advisers to slow them down. However, he had
  12. i feel sorry for the mods having to take care of the nightly spam bots

  13. did you guys know you can edit your posts on locked threads?
  14. im not sure why my replies arent showing in KJ2

    but its not making me happy

    i think i may have double posted, so sorry if i did

  15. ​i used to but the whole large group thing always put me off
  16. ck2 makes me really mad ive had 3 sons, two of which were geniuses all were stillborn then i have a daughter shes dies at age 2 my wife dies half a year later
  17. how the piglets would grunt if they knew how the old boar sufferend
  18. i honestly read the first tag as porn
  19. The Ting Tangs- Thats Not My Name everyone always thinks my name is richard because my username is usually richyard
  20. Ol' omaorb likes to go fast


  21. ​if there is anything i want to die in, its a mustang also i never really carried anything around in the truck never needed to
  22. Omaorb just traded his crappy old truck with a very good friend for this baby (its a 2009 Ford Mustang)
  23. ol' omaorb is still part of the ever-so illusive 1k post club

    and the even smaller whale boxer

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