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  1. I dont even... Could you please take your time and type in legible english, that pertains to the subject?
  2. Dear Sir/madame, You are missing a great deal of the required information for posting a server. I am going to kindly suggest that you fill it out before a mod comes along. Have a nice day.
  3. If you have a 32 bit system all you can allocate is 1GB.
  4. Hi Doc!

    1. Haskar


      I have returned from last month with a message: I will now change my profile pic. Sorry :(

    2. Richs_Yard


      But who is to save us now?

    3. Haskar


      Polly, obviously!!

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  5. Phantom is banned for keeping his manicured grass out of the Richs_Yard Empire! ALL THE GRASS BELONGS TO US
  6. Those damn lunchers are back!
  7. As a friendly member of this community, I am going to kindly suggest to you that you never sign your posts.
  8. There is a reason you are my favorite mod. Good to know the reason still exists.
  9. I believe I have helped more people than you friend. I'll also take a look into the code. Arent walls of text/code so much fun to read :D
  10. Sir, one does not simply tell Neowulf to not comment, just by saying "Dont comment anymore". I was suggest to do as both Neo and Thor have said, as it should solve the problem.
  11. Did you try nuking the modpack and reinstalling it?
  12. As a senior member of this community, I am going to kindly suggest that you never, EVER, sign your posts.
  13. In my personal experience, PvP and PvE is almost exactly the same. So dont get all pissy at me.
  14. Well Maybe if you actually posted your server specs, computer specs, etc. then maybe I would be able to help.
  15. Welcome to PVP/PVE servers! You got to learn how to outrun/kill them, just like everyone else.
  16. I dont have these issues, I can run servers without a problem. Sorry for not being able to help
  17. I'll have to save that snip for other threads.
  18. Quick question, why do you not have a antivirus?
  19. We, the people of the technic community, are not here to find servers for you. There is an ENTIRE server section for you to look for yourself.
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