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  1. Here kitty kitty kitty..

  2. Can I has crayonz?

  3. Huerga huerga?

  4. Sxs should be banned for being scared when his name is Scarecrow, so therefore he shouldnt be scared.
  5. I, sir, am now content with the forums :)

  6. Byte should be banned for having to little teeth in his avatar.
  7. I personally think there should be a thread with all the rule-breaking posts for people to laugh at.

    1. lukeb28


      Look at the whale box.

  8. Luke should be banned for being colorful. This is a black and white society man! Catch up to the times.
  9. I noticed that just a bit to late and figured editing it would make no sense. I apologize. Oh and you should be banned for being mad all the time (Avatar is angreh D:)
  10. Industrial Miner should be banned because he wants to ban me not based upon my avatar and not taking a bath.
  11. Byte should be banned for complimenting the man he wants to ban. And having a colorful background.
  12. Byte should be banned for being 'd. Same with Luke :)
  13. Mooseman should be banned for having a bad :hfive:
  14. theprolo should be banned for making me sad :'(
  15. SXS Should be banned for his avatar looking like a Donut. Hungry African Children need donuts and you're using up all the donuts in your avatar! THINK ABOUT THE CHILDREN!
  16. Anjou is banned for having unnaturally blue eyes. PS I love them.
  17. Depends, will you vote for me as president, and be my vice president?
  18. I got on. Spawned in the middle of nowhere. No one but Devu (Likely AFK) and I flew 3000 Blocks to the rebel base hoping to find something to assist with. Nothing.
  19. I'll gladly help, I love to build and design.
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