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  1. Hello, Aaron, I, a friendly member of this here community, am going to so kindly suggest that you never, ever, sign your posts.
  2. If you could be more descriptive, and less vague, maybe then only then could we be able to help.
  3. your glasses are too big

  4. All my challenges are not of cheating nature...
  5. Could you perhaps supply a crash log, or a bit more detail about when it crashed? Any details, small or large, will help us find the criminal who has done you wrong.
  6. Oh god! Watch out! A new helper is here :o

  7. I shall repeat myself, Its a server where I purely test out new things, for me only. Its not for survival, or anyone else, Its for me to test out multiplayer physics, and Mod physics.
  8. I am going to have to continue to pass.
  9. Nah, its my personal server where I test out physics and new building styles. I can assure you there are UFOs on my server.
  10. Want to bet? I got nothing to do all day, and I'll assure you I will find one.
  11. Youre welcome my friend. My suggestions still stand though, as people can get through world guard protection.
  12. Yes it is possible. I am certain that you can google a code that you can enter into a program on the turtle to do all that. I am too lazy to break my fingers to write a code myself.
  13. Kind of hard to grief if you dont have any tools at all. Matter of fact, remove their hands too.
  14. All pickaxes, shovels, and axes. Or all tools. That works too.
  15. I may actually get to 1000 posts by the end of the month.

  16. Guns of Icarus makes me feel like a sky pirate. A horrid one too. WATCH OUT BUILDINGS! HERES COMES THE SS FRIENDSHIP!
  17. I'm sure you could find it on google, or perhaps the minecraft forums.
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