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  1. Just no. You have so many thing wrong in this post, that I hope noone ever joins your server.
  2. Monarch of Madness111

    1. Mooseman9


      "I think I'm done with the Technic Forums." Keeps coming back. You can never leave this place.

    2. Richs_Yard


      I've found new inspiration.

  3. My dog died today... WHY YOU YELLOW BELLIED COWARD!

  4. NCR > Caesars Legion

    1. Cheap Shot

      Cheap Shot

      Well yeah. Obviously. Nothing to debate there.

    2. Richs_Yard


      Courier > Everyone

    3. poryy


      Enclave > Everything except the courier

  5. -

    1. Richs_Yard
    2. Torezu


      I'm the epitome of sportiness.

    3. Richs_Yard


      They should have your picture in the dictionary to represent Sportiness.

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    1. _Mataroyale_Modpacker_


      You're still insane. I can tell that much.

    2. Richs_Yard


      paint every day we get a visitor around he- a dragon :o

    3. _Mataroyale_Modpacker_


      Arkham Asylum is calling.

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  7. http://forums.technicpack.net/forums/hexxit-servers.93/
  8. I believe you need some more information
  9. You'd probably get more help in the right section.
  10. 1. You are missing a lot of the required server information 2. This is the wrong place to post a server. I suggest you fix this, for its in your best interest.
  11. I think I have done my service to Technic. I think I have finally done enough here, and have done my part to making this forum better. Bye.

  12. You are missing A LOT of the required information. I suggest you fill it out before a admin comes along.
  13. An admin, and youre still not awake?

  14. I know. But the Ionic charge sparked an explosion.
  15. I agree with that. I'd love to have a Sleep Skill bar.
  16. Just to let you know, if you are talking about Minecraft, this is the wrong section.
  17. Im a washed-up Wanna-be mod that will never be one.

  18. Leave Feedback if you wish. He also contracted me to write him a book based off this lol.
  19. Look at the Front page of the forums. Look for Mandatory Reading. Read the First thread.
  20. Well, my friend hired me to write his little clan (On another game) to write a backstory. I thought, why not? I have time to pass. I thought you'd like to read it. He likes it. Helios started in the year 2000 as a Power Distribution Company for the Planet of Siris. It drew energy out of the sun, and thus the owner decided upon the name Helios, or sun. In the year 2050, the company made a smart decision to make the cables run underground, making it more efficient and safe. For the next 450 years, Helios bloomed into a planet-wide Power Distributor, using a new method of sending Energy pu
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