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  2. Tekkitrestrict hates everyone, Tekkitrestrict is mad because most people do not know how to work it Tekkitrestrict throws ERROR REPORTS AT YOU!
  3. And I have Co Owned 5 servers, administrated 8, and moderated even more. Long story short, do not post this stuff, because it isnt required. Just find a server looking for them and apply.
  4. Hello Sir or Madame, In your server post, you seem to have misplaced a great deal of the required information, which is strictly against the rules! Fear not however, for you could always replace it before a moderator comes along!
  5. Delete the folder named ".rongSection"
  6. Oh, why hello there! Why dont you take a seat and let ol' omaode tell you a story of my younger days!

    1. Richs_Yard


      I am but a harmless ol' Omaorb! Ye want a soda pop?

    2. _Mataroyale_Modpacker_


      My mom also said not to take drinks from strange men. Said there might be drugs 'n stuff in 'em.

    3. Richs_Yard
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  7. You can make your own redstone timer, but I am guessing that you dont feel like figuring out how to make one by hand.
  8. So hows the respect meter for me coming along? Is it refilled, or what?

    1. Ysharma


      What about turtilism

    2. lukeb28


      I believe in Turtlism with unyielding faith! I would die for the cause!

    3. Richs_Yard


      My campaign supports both Yardism and Turtilism.

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  9. http://pokemon.alexonsager.net/138/143

    1. Richs_Yard


      *sigh* no one wants to make love with me anyway :

    2. theprolo


      Perhaps it runs in the family? It might explain why you ended up as a half-omanyte, half-voltorb...

    3. Richs_Yard


      But my mom is stunning! (Shes a voltorb)

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  10. Dont get mad at me for telling you how to do something right.

  11. Quarries have a known problem when it comes to quarrying in water.
  12. It has nothing to do with technic, I assure you. However, I will tell you this: You got a block thief teleporting around.
  13. No I do not sir.

  14. Dear sir or madame, I would love to inform you that your server post is missing a great deal of the required information, and therefore suggest that you fill in the missing information before a mod comes along. Please, have a nice day.
  15. And here I stand, on my personal building server trying to build a simple dirt horse...
  16. I lost it at the porn part. And yes, it is purely justified if you thought he was having suicidal thoughts.
  17. I believe all mods in the modpacks are slightly changed to prevent conflicts between them before releasing them. I do not know what changes were made however.
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