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  1. turn of your firewall run as administrator thats all i got
  2. god bless it mods! anyhow dont you love it when mexico invades russia?
  3. good ol' omaorb has returned. i like the christmas version more than the original

    1. Lethosos


      Oh hey, and just when I was about to go bowling, too...


  4. let me butter up my pooper then i'll get back to you (corpse party reference!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) EDIT: i seem to have forgotten then part of the forums is pretty dead and that i should really check the dates sorry m8s!
  5. im now a 16 year old with the mind of an immature 20 year old

    1. theprolo


      I'm a 16 year old with the mind of a Llama.

    2. Richs_Yard


      prolo jc nerd

    3. ThePagan


      He killed that guy and stole his brain!!!!

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  6. hi im back for probably today

  7. stealing signatures is certainly not a rule
  8. A 15 year old with the mind of an immature 20 year old.

    1. poryy


      A thirteen year old with the mind of a schizophrenic sapient whale.

    2. Sabakugaara8


      That sounds awful. .-.

  9. my mom told me not to talk to people who claim to be kids on the interwebs
  10. I think you meant to post this here my friend. Maybe then you'll find a pleasing answer.
  11. Hello there! I am Richs_Yard, and seeing as how you are likely new to this forum, or have made the design to not read the rules, I thought I'd tell you this before someone came along, reported you, and you got an infraction point! No low effort posts - "Hello I'm new here!" "FIRST POST!" "THREAD IS WIN!" "HELP ME FIND UH SERVER" All examples of why you should have been thrown back.
  12. I would burn the world to the ground if I was the one to rule the ashes.

  13. Just use ore names already created. Same with crystals. If you can't find one you like, then ask someone AFTER giving them information about the ore/crystal you want to be named.
  14. The First Horseman approaches. A sign brushed off by most.

    1. Munaus


      No need to announce my arrival, thank you

    2. Ysharma


      The best warriors ride mighty turtles!

  15. Are you sure the right Email is hooked up to your account?
  16. mertha hates every single last one of you.

    1. TheBytemaster


      Whelp. We must all be terrible people for firing back when you walk into a room and start insulting everyone for no reason. GG, Richs. GG.

    2. _Mataroyale_Modpacker_


      someone has a bee up their butt.

    3. theprolo


      It's okay, I never go where a sun god can get at me

      [OFFICIAL NOTICE OF SARCASM]: I do actually go out into the sun

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  18. well there goes the aztec heart i had for lunch...
  19. i zap you with my sun god laser and eat the parts of my cookie you tried to take away
  20. I eat the cookie out of your hand.
  21. I feel like I have a 0 Star rating because of Sun God Mertha's Hostility... oh well.

    1. theprolo


      I have 4 stars. I honestly don't know why or how. It's probably Fluffy threatening people into it again.

    2. dwwojcik


      I have 5 stars. I don't even know how you get them, but whatever I'm doing I'm doing it right.

  22. Can one of the mods remove the picture? It's kind of sad to me...
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