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  1. I am looking for a small Tekkit server to play on. I love the idea of us working in small teams and making rival companies each trying to produce a product. Does that sound like something would interest you and your server users? PM me if it is. Thanks!

  2. IGN= d0wnsyndrome Age: 17 Things you hate about Minecraft servers: the sheer amount of greifers How long might you play on the server each day? about a hour or 2 Have you ever been banned(on any server)? If yes explain: nope What kind of minecraft/tekkit things are you really good at? EE im really good at How long you've been playing Minecraft? for about 2-3 years Where did you hear about us?: on this forum Why do you want to join our server over others?: this one has a teamspeak Did you read the rules? Do you agree to follow them?: forever and always
  3. I would love to do a Lp with you feel free to contact me here or on skype derpsickle and will we be using voice?
  4. Hello all! I'm looking to do a Lp with anyone here so if you are in need of a partner feel free to contact me on skype or on here. I am fairly experienced with tekkit and the best part I'm not 12 years old.So please feel free to message me if your in need of partners. skype: derpsickle
  5. Minecraft Username: d0wnsyndrome Age: 17 Have you ever been banned, if so, why?: nope What do you plan to do on the server: i plan to create a mansion for myself What is your previous experience with tekkit: ive played close to 6 months with tekkit and i feel experienced with it
  6. IGN: D0WNSYNDROME Age: 17 Skype(optional): Derpsickle Tekkit experience(1-10): 7 Time Zone: eastern How much time do you plan on playing per day? 2-3 hours on weekdays 1-4 on weekends The build you are most proud of? my automated nanosuit factory Why do you think our server is right for you? i wanna play on a relatively small server without the hassle of being in a open server plus i hate grievers in open worlds
  7. Ingame username: Age: 17 Are you experienced in tekkit? Quite a bit i play alot Do you wish to play on cubenation? i would love to its sounds wonderful We are also looking for staff, are you willing to help? im up for helping anyone who needs it
  8. OK Hello there. I recently bought a Tekkit server and I'm looking for people to play with. I would like up to 5 people and all mods in tekkit are enabled and i have a few plugins. So please message me on Skype: Derpsickle or if you message me on the forum that would be great. Number of people desired- 5 - Active time zone and times- around 5-7 eastern but if you message me today im sure we can play now - Activity level (hours/day or week usually active)- most of the week im active
  9. Hello. Would anyone be interested in starting a letsplay with my self. Now i have a 1gb dedicated server and i can make the youtube channel(graphics and all) i need a partner with a mic and maybe with something to record with. (if not then i can just buy it but ii dont wanna do that) Please message me on skype: derpsickle or message me in the forum
  10. well if its just you and your freind you can play on my dedicated server with just me(i gotz no freinds) so yeah
  11. if you play with me ill be more then happy to let your friends and yourself play on my dedicated server Tekkit my skype name is derpsickle oh and this is my internet thingy just wanetd to post it
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