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  1. I need help. I've looked at the guides, and followed along and I'm a bit lost. There's a coremods folder, but people are saying not to use it after MC version 1.6.4. So I'm unsure of what I'm supposed to do there. I don't know how to test and debug the mods I have chosen. If anyone could help me step by step or something? List of mods I am trying to use... When I do test this out, I take the 1.6.4 tekkit server files and directories, and then place some mods in. It works until I put in the CodeChicken related mods. I am not sure, but many of the mods don't have issues until I put those in :
  2. In-game name: Micecd Age: 19 Time spent playing modded Minecraft: since Jan 2011 Reason I want to join: I'm playing again after I took a break. Out of the servers I chose, they weren't up anymore, this one was.
  3. Make 2 MFR farms with range upgrades on planters. You should have 19x19 (14 or more blocks for height, maybe with 10) pads of dirt for the planters to place Saplings, or Rubber Saplings. You can run the farm on charcoal that it can craft automatically, and save the excess. I did this in a base on the last server I played on, and had 200k wood by day 4. That wood turned into charcoal as well because I dumped all the wood into the processing area to transform it into charcoal. I used the charcoal in Thermal Expansion steam engines, and the power grew additively for each engine block (A block is 4 engines in a plus sign shape with a conduit in the middle stacked to content.) I added to the area. All you do is add more engine blocks until you use more charcoal than you can produce, and move up the chain of resources. Step 1: You make engine blocks until you can't supply them with enough charcoal. Step 2: You process wood into charcoal until you can't supply enough wood. Step 3: Copy your setups in an efficient way (also make it look cool, and effective to walk around/fix/put together). If you do this, you know how much energy you can produce. Your next step is to store the energy. I chose to transform the energy I produced into lava using lava fabricators from MFR i think. This way, I could store the lava in Iron Tanks (Wish I could have used XyCraft). There is almost limitless storage if you just add more and more tanks, or make them bigger. If you want to output energy, all you do is make a Lava Generator Processing Block (As many as you can) to output all the lava stored into EU, or whatever unit you need. Then skim some power to your farms, and power everything else you need. Tell me when you reach the point of powering a series of recyclers and mass fabricators and produce 4x that energy as excess. Hint (You'll be mining for weeks.)
  4. :( if any lag it would be client side -.- if you can tell me the percent of extra cpu cost by all means I'd like to know.
  5. *cough* Clearlag is terrible *cough* Extra items on the ground doesn't = lag in the first place and it causes hassle when it occurs more than 5 times in one hour.
  6. DOUG PM me about the server being down, I kinda messed up with something, and I have to ask you how you can fix it, but pm me or skype : HolodoboloH
  7. Can you please re-enable CC? I'm the only one who's been using it and it hasn't caused any noticeable problems. I've got a project I'm working on and CC is a crucial part of it.
  8. IGN: Micecd Age: 19 Location: Okalhoma, USA I stock up on supplies, and make intricate bases, very extensive, and try to make traps to protect everything. Traps next to traps etc.
  9. The way I was suggesting the tubes doesn't cause those problems. Only the players who don't know what they're doing end up with that, or those who get confused with their builds.
  10. Use 2 transposers on a single chest facing opposite directions off of a chest where the items are located. Use a latch beside it with 2 seperate wires and a timer leading into it. You could also use a computer with wire on both sides, alternating the pulses. I suggest using a BC pipe relay system if you can, where the tubes lead into a chest, and a redstone iron pipe is attatched, where when an item passes through, have it signal itself to switch pipe directions. Very tricky.
  11. I can help you out. You need to make a factory using redpower? I'lll get started, but by non-ee you mean, manually obtain them correct? If you have skype, we can work on it together, and I can teach you about other mods besides EE.
  12. No, the conversion is 1:1. Check the tekkit wiki for energy links and EU generators.