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  1. I saw a video were someone used redpower item detectors to signal to a computer and track the total output of his quarry. I'd rig up an advanced insertion pipe on a chest and pipe the over flow to lava. I'd also make a turtle build an ever expanding cube of rm furnaces.
  2. Have you tried putting items into the chest from the bottom or sides? My only issue with buildcraft pipes is how slow the redstone engine pulls items and the ridiculous fuel requirements of the other engines if applied to the mundane task of extracting things from chests. My solution is to never use them. I use the Immbis buffers that output a stack at a time. I replaced a buildcraft sorting / processing setup with redpower tubes. It ended up four times the size. Diamond pipes are so much more space efficient than sorting machines.
  3. The pipe intersection is purple. Therefore the items have no valid path.
  4. NOT Gate, or a redstone torch on a block. In your picture put a block to the right of the single redstone wire. Then remove the first redstone wire between the block and the transposer and place a redstone torch on the side of the block were the wire was.
  5. Just use one of the chest from the iron chest mod, like diamond.
  6. Use two transposers. Have the incoming pipe stop then put two transposers facing it and connect more pipe to their output. When supplied with a constant signal they prevent items from passing through them. Then invert the signal you send to one of them.
  7. I built one with fillers (3 placing strips of saplings and on to break all the blocks blocks alternately) and a black whole band to suck the drops into a pipe but that could be done with a grid of transposers.
  8. Also you only need to run the bluelectric wire to one of the panels. They'll transfer power across themselves.
  9. You also need obsidian for the Nether portal. The quarry is spent when its done mining. You can move it somewhere else and mine another hole. You'll mine out the same blocks but with two smaller sizes you'll get half of the good stuff at the bottom first.
  10. Another thing is don't start the quarry on the surface. Sure it's convenient but it had to go through allot of overburden before it finds good stuff. In the same theme the first few should be small so they hit bottom faster. If your going to be using EE and the quarry hits lava (you put water in the quarry hole for this) you're in very good shape.
  11. The energy link draws as much power as the pipe will take. AKA all of it. Before it was only drawing as much as the Quarry would take. Us a sequencer or some other timing circuit and a bat box to limit how much power you let the power link draw.
  12. That's displaying current time/mod/status just show mod/status Who cares when the mod was ready? That way people can tell what mod(s) are holding things up and can go check the mod page/forum/blog for details. It'd take me a day or two of my free time to track down all the mods and the links to them. There's also a a placebo effect. We know that your actively tracking things by time stamp on the post.
  13. You know what me silence all these repeated questions? A sticky with a status post for each version. And in each post list all the mods and whether or not they're ready.
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