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  1. Move the portal to 1025 or build an matching portal manually
  2. I made this change to force java 7 for only the server /Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/openjdk-1.7-x86_64/Contents/Home/bin/java -Xmx8G -Xms2G -d64 -jar Tekkit.jar nogui
  3. Wouldn't one of the item deleting lagg plugins do this?
  4. This helps alot. http://ilurker.rooms.cwal.net/portal.html
  5. Quick google found this. http://www.patrickmin.com/minecraft/
  6. Yeah but if the bulk of the blocks are placed by a generator then all they need to do is re-skin the buildings. The will probably reduce the number of blocks required by a factor of 10 or 100. A program to down/up sample a 3d map to 1m scale and ouput in anvil format wouldn't be that bad. I don't know what the kb/chuck is of the file format.
  7. No just use a bucket to place 1 source block of bucket on the inner edge of the hole. The derpy water physics will do the rest as far as allowing the quarry to deal with lava. Assuming of course that the quarry hasn't hit lava already. If you wanted to fill the whole completely with water for other reasons that's different.
  8. Condense them immediately in to something with a decent EMC value like iron or diamond. Close in the cobble generator so there are no air blocks were the light can change.
  9. Mostly mobs, if it reaches 3-4000 and your fps drops to 5 then you may have a problem.
  10. The batbox can accept more than 32eu/t it can only accept 32eu/packet. So its receiving multiple packets per tick totalling 120eu/t.
  11. This is not easy. It would be faster to just go caving. No matter how much caving you do it will still be faster.
  12. Or use energy crystals. The MFE will power the quarry for quite a while.
  13. As long as its temporarily replacing the contents of the current location with the contents of the vault and not being truly larger on the inside like a tardis it shouldn't be impossible. I would start it blank though and make them build in it instead of cutting away whatever was there.
  14. Nope they both have loss after 40 right? Only issue is ripping it all out if / when you upgrade. But in the beginning you probably don't have diamonds.
  15. I figured it was something like that. A few seconds of what did I do wrong till I tried a new card. I was letting him know its a possibility for his issue.
  16. I had an issue were I moved the force field core after I coded the frequency card and had to code a new card.
  17. I have 1 growing in a swamp. There are no jungles loaded and there were no other players online when it grew.
  18. Use lava on the ground to kill the items. Leave the lava there for several chunk loads.
  19. With redpower tubes you'd use a filter to pick up only the desired item type then an item detector to generate the redstone pulse.
  20. It's best to feed the energy link trough a batbox so it only provides 32eu/t then use a sequencer to disable the batbox 1/4 of the time. That's 24eu/t which is close enough to not be wasteful.
  21. The Balkons Weapon Mod thread links another that shows 5 hearts for the warhammer. I wouldn't trust the wikki on this one. Try it with your brother, if he cant one shot kill you with the warhammer then the guy is hacking.
  22. The wiki says load the fuel from the top.
  23. You could create a loop so the stuff that doesn't make it into a recycler will loop back into the chest it came from instead of bouncing around. If you combine this will pulling out stacks at a time you can have only 1 or 2 "items" in the pipe at a time and keep the recyclers full.
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