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  1. I get by with just a single planter/harvester cell. My rubber demands are low enough it's not an issue. And I have a logistics pipes network setup for making MV Solar Arrays. Copper is my limiting factor.
  2. You either need a default route or a valid destination for the extra items produced while crafting.
  3. The issue is there that there is no warning that juvenile behavior is to be expected and promoted. Even if it violates the rules. So if you make a serious post some 5th grader is going to come in and try to be funny. And then the thread is over.
  4. If you pass the signal from the pressure plate through an AND gate before powering the doors then you can use a lever as the second input to the AND gate to control if the doors will open.
  5. Anther way to confirm its working, Try taking all the items out of the machines so they stop working. Then their charge indicators should turn all the way red. After that the MFE should start storing power.
  6. TLDW Install Java 1.6 Uninstall Java 1.7. Download the launcher. Run.
  7. I believe this was a deliberate nerfing of redstone engines. I'd suggest feeding scaffolding to a sterling engine for cheap temporary power. Or an fast electric engine and a MV solar array.
  8. If I may make a suggestions? Someone clean this up and make a page on the wiki for it?
  9. Better answer, get the crash log and search for any bugs reported that match. After searching if you don't find one enter a bug report in the bug forum.
  10. I've seen alchemy bags disappearing but when a new one is crafted the items are still there.
  11. Your laundry is now capable of putting its self away. But it's now sentient and it doesn't like you. You have to live the rest of your life without clothes. I wish for an actual interstellar spacecraft.
  12. Is this FPS problem the issue were the NVidia driver doesn't mark java apps as needing 3d acceleration?
  13. To be a little more clear. When you "label" a computer the game persists it's state. It does this in the <world>/computer folder by the computers id. Us the "id" program to get the id. Each program you write is stored in there as a text file. So for example, if your turtle dies a horrible death by walking into the void you can recover the programs from that directory.
  14. The power comes out the dot side of the MFSU. Its pointing into the room. :D
  15. http://technicpack.wikia.com/wiki/Automation_5:_Auto_Tree_Farm_Without_Forestry
  16. Use the block breaker one and feed the wood into an extractor. Forget about getting the sticky resin.
  17. "I don't see anything in this post that helps." ROTLMAO Neither do I, in the thread either. "I just pointed out exactly what the problem is with the JVM what do you want me to do." I want you to know what JVMs do and don't work with you're application. I want you to point your users to instruction on how to switch to JVMs that do work. Not simply say "It works on my machine" "Call Oracle" "Try Google"
  18. "So like I said, try changing/updating java versions" If you read the bug, this is what I did try. "because it relies on having some specific unknown build of the jvm and a mac" I told you the exact version of the OS and Java. Have you tested the launcher under 10.8.2 and the latest JRE from oracle? And Cheap try to live past your handle and stay on topic. He didn't own anyone since he's just restating the obvious.
  19. So I have a partial work around for this. I had to delete all the java vm off the system. /System/Library/Java and /Library/Java and then I had to reinstall java 1.6 http://support.apple.com/kb/DL1572. This means though that I can't reinstall 1.7 because it still thinks it's installed. And the tekkit server I'm hosting which requires 1.7 is doomed.
  20. Please see the bug I entered. Also there is very little i can to to force the vm path because the launcher spawns a second process.
  21. I am a programmer. I do know what it means. It means someone was stupid enough to upcast and not catch the exception. The only other reference I can find to this is on the java dev site from June. I have entered an actual bug for this but I don't expect anyone at technic to do anything to support the Mac community.
  22. Launcher Version: Operating System: 10.8.2 Java Version: 1.7.0-internal Antivirus Program: none Description of Problem: On launch the launcher freezes on the splash screen and does nothing. I have already tried the fixes in the &quot;Hello&quot; fix post. Error Messages: none Error Log: [13:28:02] [sEVERE] ------------------------------------------ [13:28:02] [sEVERE] Launcher is starting.... [13:28:02] [sEVERE] Launcher Build: '' [13:28:02] [sEVERE] Allocated 910.25 Mb of RAM [13:28:02] [sEVERE] Java VM: '1.7.0-internal-b00' [13:28:02] [sEVERE]
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