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  1. There's nothing we can do about stupid things like this being done in the launcher. java.lang.ClassCastException: sun.font.CFont cannot be cast to sun.font.CompositeFont
  2. He's still correct in that the fix instructions don't work in all cases like you assume ans so we are left to hack out solutions for ourselves.
  3. Pro-tip, next time fill it in before you start the quarry and place a single water source block anywhere in the quarries area.
  4. Thermal Expansion induction smelter "Smelting Ores (not dusts) with Sand can produce Rich Slag and will produce two ingots (removing the need to pulverize it first). This rich slag, if used in place of sand, can be smelted with two dusts to produce three ingots corresponding to the type of dust. The process of using rich slag also has a chance of producing normal slag"
  5. You have to pull the trigger while holding down the mode key.
  6. I don't bother macerating all of it. I just keep enough around that I'm not waiting on it for my next project. Then replace what I use.
  7. Just fill from the bottom. Its really buggy when you fill from the top. Like converting water into fuel buggy.
  8. Starting out is the best part of making a new world. Not having infinite amounts of everything at your finger tips. Having to double check for creepers when you stick your head out of your hole. Caving for zombies and mine shafts for your first potatoes and melons. With EE2, desperately searching for just enough junk to convert for you're first energy condenser.
  9. You can search for the other threads on this same topic. There are solutions to be found there.
  10. Just use a condenser and a energy collector to refill the lava buckets.
  11. You can use the red-power Regulator to generate a redstone signal when an chest is less than a desired amount. You can use this signal start/stop the macerating/smelting stack. It probably won't match the quantities exactly unless you make it process ore very slow.
  12. Theres no need for that. Just put some chests on the line to catch these extras and act as buffering.
  13. Watermills produce a tiny amount of power.
  14. It sounds like a security device. Don't even send the given chunks to the another client if the owner hasn't loaded them. Does the server know when the client unloads a chunk?
  15. This is going to be horribly large but you could use an item detector to trigger a toggle latch which is in turn causing two inline transposers to restrict item flow.
  16. Just build the floors with covers so the room is slightly less than 2 blocks tall.
  17. Is you're spawn set inside the forcefield? Have you tried a log-out-o-vator? Is the area clear enough of nether portals that you can build one in the nether and have it spawn inside?
  18. Philosophers stone to turn it into sandstone.
  19. http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/immibis-modular-forcefields-help.26454/#post-210997
  20. Yup, the non dot side of the batbox or MFE. I suggest you read up IC power on the wiki.
  21. Each IC solar panel needs to be connected to the cable.
  22. Try the black hole band, or for automated set up some pumps/water strainers in the water destroying pass through config.
  23. Condensers, energy collectors, nether portals, Wireless transmitter / receiver, lava in a tank
  24. It sounds like there is no valid destination for that item type.
  25. Put the energy link right next to the quarry then it will only draw what the quarry needs. With the conductive pipe it will draw more than the quarry needs.
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