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  1. Tinker's construct would be nice, having some good tools to dig up all those ores would be convienent.
  2. Optifine is really easy to add... you just open up the modpack.jar in the bin folder and put the contents of the optifine stuff you downloaded then close up the jar again then run.
  3. A few tekkit lite mods are missing in big dig such as steves carts and maybe 1 more, so you would need to get rid of those. Also it wouldnt be very fun to play a tekkit lite map on big dig considering that you would need to generate new chunks to get all the crazy ore spawns... lol i found diamonds at y 57
  4. Is the server down? I would really like to play on this, it looks like a lot of fun since it is very relaxed
  5. i havent seen how it is implemented... an example would be greatly appreciated
  6. Hey, I was just started using power suits in SMP survival and it is absolutely awesome! I think this would be a cool small feature. The ability to toggle on/off for a module that affects 2 or more suit parts, such as transparent armor. I like having just the chestpiece on me, and sometimes the active camoflage feature is quite useful. I think a great thing for the key config system would be to add each armor piece in and you link the armor piece to a key, then link it to a module. So you could link a transparent armor module to a chestpiece then to the key, so that only the transparent armor for that bit turns off. Thanks for all the great work you did on this mod, I really hope this small feature can be added in a future release
  7. Yea I wish ore dictionary allowed all types of ores to spawn and maybe change them all to a version in one mod. That way theres a much higher abundance of ores, and it is still easy to sort.
  8. Just a quick note that you should almost NEVER use stone conductive pipes (Unless your poor to death, and seriously need a conductive system) they lose 10% of the power per BLOCK... so after like a few blocks you only got 60% of your power left... Remember that copper cable is also very high loss, i believe its 0.25 eu/block (1 Eu every 4 blocks) Its not huge but overtime it builds up. Plus it doesnt really matter how you hook up the power as long as the machines have the right voltage and are connected it should work ok. BTW overclockers are a huge waste of power, you should use them only if you got plenty of power to spare and not a lot of time. and try out Thermal Expansion machines their quite nice, very simple too compared to IC2 (Bonus! they dont explode...)
  9. Well i do believe you need a wooden conductive pipe to get the power out, thats the problem with BC power systems its so strange and they force you to use different pipes. TE redstone energy conduits are much more intuitive and simple. BTW energy links sucked (Although they were much easier to use for beginners), they were inefficient, uncontrollable, and very bad at just about everything. and btw do you have a energy bridge inbetween the IC2 consumer and BC producer?
  10. This is a very nice one, If you were to get enough scrap to supply a mass fab so that no energy is wasted then you likely could likely make enough UUs to compensate for the amount used in making Lapis, and copper for the condensators and reflectors. If only reflectors were indestructable huh?
  11. Ideally using thermal expansion's redstone energy conduits is better (Dont explode, better energy distribution, less loss). Plus using thermal expansions tessaracts to teleport power is even better, mostly because of the fact that they are integrated with the conduits (They will lose more energy than a phased pipe though, it can be configured to lose 0 if wanted). I think the real culprit of your problem is the quarry itself. I find that BC stuff has this nasty habit of eating energy when not needed. A good example is the filler. it takes like 5 MJ/t when not working and can take any amount to work. So check out the quarry and see if it is the problem...
  12. Name: Jack IGN: killer380 Age/Sex: 16/Male Loc./Time Zone: Canada/MDT Why This Server: My old server has recently went down. I was looking for a great server with reasonable rules to play on. I enjoy having smaller communities because it brings everyone together more and you get to know who is on the server. This server seems very well updated with everything and isn't overloaded with things like multiple worlds and other stuff like economy. Favorite Mod: I would have to say my favorite mod is RP2, I am also looking into AE which just came into tekkit in 0.6. Why should we accept you: I am very good at the majority of the mods in tekkit I enjoy helping people out with what their doing and I also like to build nice inventions that everyone can benefit from. Record: Clean One word to describe you: Complex Email: [email protected]
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