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  1. I'm your first follower. /win.

  2. Nice job on that, I made a similar system in my server, except we have EE there, I had 4 inputs 1 for each advanced machine, i didnt include recyclers because those are usually something you dedicate toward a mass fabricator not something you do each day. I had also the system of painted tubes, but each input the filter assigned a color so the macerator filter could be a red and it would send it to the red tube connected to the macerator, I installed a transposer in the middle of the pipe after all the filters so the overflow would go to the transposer and clog that up instead of the filters. I made it all output to 1 chest and for inputs i used condensers so i can put a iron in the condenser and put a redmatter in and i have a ton of iron later on.
  3. jackguo380

    I Hate The New Wireless Redstone

    I'm not sure how the old version really worked because there isn't that much description, but this seems like a better way to handle wireless things, since frequencies can easily seperate signals and stuff. I wish there was a bundled cable transmitter and reciever so you can transmit direct bundled cables across long distances without having to break it up into like 18 different transmitters
  4. Nice this seems like a useful mod, my server bans morning stars and katars, mining lasers too, because they dont have code like this, could you do something for mining lasers or is there already a mod/plugin in place?
  5. jackguo380

    Why does gem armor exist?

    Lol who agrees quantum looks a bit cooler? Plus stop starting up a alchemy vs science war... thats where this is going, you guys are going off topic talking about nano sabres and power rings... I think quantum really shows you put more work into it, using methods of getting the massive amount of power needed to fabricate the iridium to make it, Gem on the other hand is just made in a crafting bench from a bunch of things you can easily condense, quantum is too but the material isnt from EMC, it needs to be processed and crafted many times. I won't give my opinion of which is better cus they are practically equal since gem get special abilities like lightning, and quantum gets 100% damage reduction, and yes the charge lasts a hell of a long time
  6. jackguo380

    Forestry on Tekkit Servers and Clients.

    Forestry is a awesome mod, I really would love it just in the tekkit builds no permissions. I am too lazy to instal it myself... oh well i will just condense wood
  7. jackguo380

    EMC values for processed industrialcraft items

    Really pointless to add something like this, the entire purpose of tekkit is to make factories and other automatic equipment by combining mods with the material processing and the mods with the transport pipes together, EE is just really nice to get raw materials from (And that is kind of the point of it, also to have cool rings also), because you cant really build much without turning all that cobblestone into a few diamonds or iron, but to be able to condense ready made machines takes the entire purpose of the mods like buildcraft and redpower tubes. Edit: I would like the idea of being able to have addons to technic and tekkit for little things like this, some sort of api could exist for IC2, and other mod addons so you simply click it and it would download the addon, that way all players could be happy. But i like the satisfaction of having a big factory and seeing the materials fly around in tubes