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  1. What is your IGN (in game name)? SgaileHow long have you been playing modded minecraft for? about 3 yearsAre you familliar with this modpack? noHave you even been banned from any server? (If so for what reason) noHave you read the rules on the rule page? yesAnything else you want to share? while i havent played this modpack i played the orginal tekkit
  2. IGN: Sgaile Age: 27 Skype (Optional): What role will you play in the server? (What mods/skills are you good with?) no sure the mod i probably know best is tinkers. Are you going to record while on the server? (Not required) every now and then What would you do if you or someone else found an exploit or bug in the modpack? inform server admin and mod pack creator
  3. Ign- Sgaile reason for joining- I'm looking into playing AotBT and i prefer to play with others.
  4. Username:Sgaile Age:24 Why Tekkitopia? Ive beening looking for a good whitelist server for adults, i get tired of 12 year olds spaming chat asking for free handouts Your secret code:6sga
  5. In-game name: Sgaile List of previous bans on other servers with explanations: None Which mods on this server are disabled: Equivalen Exchange, nukes, Nano/quantium armor, enderchests, enderpouchs, scrapboxes, wrcbe addons, water strainers, world anchors, and mass fabs in the outlands Which worlds (if any) allow any griefing on this server: exceptions exist in the outlands for non towny areas.
  6. AGE:-24 IGN:-Sgaile Minecraft/Tekkit experience:-i have been playing minecraft for about a year now, tekkit for alil over a month. Extra information is always appreciated:- i enjoy being part of an active community and like helping other players and the admin whenever possible, i have nvr been banned from a server.
  7. IGN: Sgaile Age: 24 Country/Timezone:USA/EST Tekkit Experience:not much still new to the game Reason for joining:wanting a place to have fun and play with others in a server where i dont have to worry about my stuff being stolen or destroyed Have you read the rules:yes How long have you played tekkit:ive spent about 5 hours playing so far What you feel you can contribute:im socal and like to help others when i can as well as being on everyday Time you can contribute to the server:about 3 hours a day sometimes more
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