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  1. Name: Sleepyscumbag Age: who cares anyway? XP (14) Do you wish to join Anyon (starting town):nah, i like smaller communities, where i know everyone, and everyone knows me Have you played IC2 or buildcraft? yup. alot. mostly before 3.0.3, so im not so familliar with the newer features. but on those two mods, i have normal expirience (i think) i also have some idea about everything in railcraft, and how to make stuff with that. Redpower 2 is somehoe unknown to me, but i do know a little about it. what is the purpose of a macerator? it have far to many uses, to mention in this app
  2. i run avast! and i still cannot download but thanks for the help anyway EDIT: ok, so i had AVG installed, and i forgot to delete the link scanner (newb fail!) so i deleted it and now it works thanks for the help man! :D :D
  3. i also feel like that (even though i got hellen keller'd and probated (meh own fault)) cuz technic/tekkit is great. so when yogbox came in technic launcher i just yelled "YAY" therefore i want to say thank you ... thank you! :D
  4. i have the same problem, and got no clue about how i can fix it ps. it will neither download any other modpacks
  5. jaffa cakes EDITED VERSION BELOW both energy crystals, and laptron crystal is more powerful than batbox. just keep in mind, that you can only recharge and discharge energy crystal in mfe, and laptron crystal in mfsu MOD EDIT: UNFUNNY SHITPOST
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