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  1. I want this update so bad. I hate that radios no longer work. It was such a cool feature for servers
  2. i have and it seems like no other server but one server has done it so im thinking that its a custom plugin because they have a plugin called Chillax Fixes. Thank you for the reply
  3. Hi im not sure if this goes on this forum or on the Servers forum but here goes. Im having a hell of a time disabling the right click on a couple of items and i cant for the life of me find a plugin that fixs my issue. I started my server a day ago and it just went public and i have a couple banned items id like to get off my banned items list because i dont see them being banned on other servers. So i was wondering if there is a plugin that exists that will allow me to Disable the right clicking of these items because they can grief protected areas. 1. Needle Gun (Can bypass protections by
  4. Good application xxsanmanxx and spiral I haven't seen you on the server in ages since the dunks3 problem. We are running both a voltz and a tekkit server.
  5. It didnt do it they still crash the server.We need to delete their player data as well as fatmans and durex tears. Both of them along with bruth28 and chico1216 are hurting our up time :/
  6. Ok read your application shoe it was well written and followed format exactly. Fatman your area might be corrupt and only way to fix that is to delete your player data and you can't ever go back there your have all the items in your bags and also if your having trouble logging in we have to delete your player data also
  7. Its not force op because they still have player commands and they cant edit spawn so I'm not sure what they do but ill look in to that.
  8. I just had someone first time spawn in and have banned items and start destroying spawn. Not sure how they do it but they do. Any idea of how to stop it?
  9. Ok lol I got the stupid newbie rank for spamming the forums of other servers lol
  10. Ok I think I found out how they blew up spawn. The example items at spawn there is a nuclear reactor which they over loaded and thanks to the geniuses Alvinherobrine and Sgt_blackdude I saw on the console they had uranium cells and that's when I figured it out. They were going to over load the reacted with lots of uranium cells and blow up spawn. I'm shutting down the server temporarily until I can get home and take down the reactor example.
  11. Currently reseting the world. Someone greifed spawn and if i see any banned items in anyones inventorys for the next 2 weeks you get no chanches you get banned.
  12. I'm thinking that the crashing is caused by mcmyadmins backup at 6 am (USA eastern time) it takes a while to back up and as the world file gets bigger and bigger the backup takes longer and I'm thinking once its done backing up the server is crashes. I hope that's all it is
  13. Server is back to normal state and finally I can say this....... LET THE HUNGERGAMES BEGIN!!!!!!!!!!!!! We finally got the hunger games plugin to work. There is only one arena ATM but there is 8 more slots for arenas. May the odds be ever in your favor:)
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