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  1. Ign(In game name): foomister Age: 17 Where are you from?: Midwest What do you like to build?: Factories, underground bases, and automated machines that include multiple modpacks What do you like to do mostly (Example:Miner, Engineer, Builder, etc)?: Engineering would be my favorite, but Mining and building are always fun to do in between projects Why do you want to play on this server? My friend septicarmadillo and I have been looking for a good server to play on for a while now and think this may be what we are looking for Do you have Teamspeak? Yes
  2. Name: Zach IGN: foomister Age: 17 Favorite Tekkit Mod: Either Thermal Expansion or Applied Energistics What is your favorite activity besides minecraft? Soccer Tell us a little about yourself: (3-5 sentences is preferred) In minecraft, I love to design systems that are self. These systems tends to involve automating certain aspects like farming, refining, and crafting are a huge part of my builds. I live in the Midwest in a decent sized suburb. I work at a local Dairy Queen, but because of the weather and because of how cold it's getting here, I tend to have a lot of free time on my hands. Other games that I play are: Portal, Civilization, and Day Z. Tell us about something you like about yourself: I tend to come up with intricate machine systems that work very well. Automating certain aspects like farming, refining, and crafting are a huge part of my builds. Tell us about something you don't like about yourself: My building skills are a bit below par (my friend tends to build a base, I tend to fill it with machines).
  3. is a good one, I've actually tested this one.
  4. This seems like it could work, it has a lot of room, so I'm crossing my fingers.
  5. Sorry, I had to finish up my homework... Well then, your turn to look for a server.
  6. OnlyVoltz Server : [PvP] [20 Slots] [No mods disabled], this seems like a good server (not really sure though, just picked one that didn't seem to have a ton of people in it.) It's not whitelisted though, so we may need defences.
  7. Haha, I'll look for one, then tell you the ip tomorrow.
  8. Just joining one would probably be easier, you want to pick one out.
  9. I could set one up, It may take a while though because I need to finish a project. Or we could look around for one.
  10. Yeah, antimatter rockets would be fun to mess with.
  11. While the server is down, would anyone be interested in playing a little multiplayer Voltz? In case you don't know, it's one of the new collections of mods you can choose from. I guess it's like a more realistic version of IC2.
  12. Hhhmmmm, I changed it to the latest version, but it wont let me in, any ideas?
  13. Hhhhmmm, looks like I need to update...
  14. Um, any reason in particular why I can't get on?
  15. Lol, just a coincidence that you posted it when I got on.
  16. Awesome. I understand, it wasn't all bad though, it gave me time to play other games I got earlier but never had time to play (Farcry 3, FTL, War of the Roses).
  17. Ingame Name: Foomister Age: 16 Tekkit Experience (Yes, No): Yes Amount Played (If Yes): I've played for a few months now. Tell us why you would like to play on our server (Multiple Sentences Please): Mainly, my previous server was shut down... Also I saw this was a dedicated server, which is a huge plus because my previous server wasn't and it was down quite a bit. Also I am fairly good at IC2, Buildcraft, EE, Railcraft, and I'm alright at redpower. I would also like a server with little items banned to start forming automated machines (ones that made quantum, or HV solar arrays), and those are hard to make without collectors... Previous Bans: None
  18. IGN: Foomister Age:16 Experience: A few months with Tekkit, but I got a good chunk of it down. Kind of thing you are wanting to build: Well, I'm a fan of the railcraft mod, so I guess a railroad of some sort. Daily amount of time you expect to spend on server:1+ How long will you expect to play on the server (days,weeks,months?): Until the server goes down.
  19. Could I have an idea when the server will be back up? A few days, a week, just a rough estimate.
  20. The newer server was cool, the fresh start, I know what I wanted to do when I started. Plus, I'm sure I missed some world anchors, 19 scattered world anchors can be a drain of the server. I'm with 8bit, but we should get a few more opinions before this is done. I don't want to lose half the server because of this.
  21. 1. What experience do you have with being in control? Well, I've been a mod for a few days, and I used to have my own server. 2. Have you been banned before? If so why? Nope 3. Why should you be a mod/admin? Been here for a while, had my own server, and I don't like spawning in items for myself. 4. How long have you been on this server? Not sure, a month more or less Long Answers: 5. What would you do if a player (Lets name him Tom) accused another player of griefing (Sam),you went to Tom's house and sure it was griefed. But no one but Tom seen it and Sam declined of having done it? Help Tom rebuild, if there's no proof, there's not much you can do about it. 6. What would you do if you caught a (old [meaning been there a long time]) player griefing? what about if it was a newer player? Give him a couple day ban, threaten with a longer or perma ban next if it happened again. Multiple choice: ( Note: Just say you chose "a" just delete b,c and d and leave "a" for you answer) 7. A player repeatedly kills people when they are collecting resources what do you do? Not sure on this one... It is a PvP server, but I've never really been told about the PvP part of the server, so I'm winging it with D. d) You see nothing wrong with this were it is a Pvp server and they are not Spawn/house killing 8. Which one is corret? (This testes your knowledge of me) I know you like your pineapples, and I know how much you like the number 7, I think I heard you say you liked butter, so I'm guessing... Potato, 7, Pineapple, butter