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Adding forestry to 3.0.4

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A little bit searching would have taken even less time. Now you had to open a thread, write your post, wait for an answer and spend time on writing a reply on a comment which has a very obvious answer, you should've already known. It's not hard at all to use the search field. But, yes it's very possible and runs well... Just put a Z in front of the filename. (Both in client and on the server)

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didnt they say at the changelog to tekkit 3.0 that forestry was removed because there were comptability errors? they also told us that we can still install it but it will probebly get you with huge problems?

No. We didn't say that. We removed Forestry because of disagreements with the mod author. (If you are curious as to what those are, feel free to search the forums for plenty of answers)

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yea, i argree with you torezu. i never knew i was using this mod so i never looked up why it is gone. and i found out what the forestry knight did, and i dont like it. also i just got informed about the engine generators so i wont miss this mod at all. electrical engines were usefull, but i never used anything else in this entire mod.

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