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World Generation/Volcano Gen Errors in Tekkit 3.0.3/3.0.4

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Hello, when our Tekkit world generated on the server, there were the volcanoes, like normal, and everything was fine. About a day later, a volcano randomly generated in the desert, no reason at all, and the desert had been perfectly fine before. The volcano appeared to have not fully generated either, with strange, vertical edges where it didn't generate onto certain chunks. On Tekkit 2, the volcanoes did this too. They would leave gaping holes in the middle of the Basalt. Later, sometimes a few days, but one took a few weeks, they would generate the Basalt onto the chunks like they were supposed to. Some never even fixed, they just stayed like that...

We had a new player on our server, and he was exploring, and a volcano generated onto him! The terrain was perfectly normal as he walked along, then *BAM* he was stuck inside a volcano! He said that our world was corrupted, and he had never seen another server with this problem. He said he wouldn't invest time into a server where it was a matter of time before the map reset itself. He asked me if I had many errors in the console and I checked the log out, and didn't see any. It hadn't given me any except the "Not enough RAM" message, like usual. Our Tekkit 2 server was running for a few months, and it never reset itself once, but had the same volcano errors.

I downloaded the Tekkit 3.0.4.zip, and ran server on my own computer and connected using localhost to see if it was the map, and the map had the same errors, some volcanoes being generated fine, while others were all glitchy generating.

I then downloaded the world off the server, and ran it on the other server I made, and connected and flew a bit, then checked the log and noticed there were some "SEVERE" error messages. You can view them here: http://pastebin.com/Kfc97jHK

I put in some comments, which are pretty obvious.

Thanks for your time and help, here are some pictures of the errors:












You can click on them for full size, but imageshack reduced their size a bit...

Does anyone else get these errors on their servers? Or am I just special?

I hope this is the right Forum, I don't want to be another "that guy", because there seems to be an overabundance already....

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Okay, It sounds like you're complaining about both Wallcanoes and volcanoes spawning randomly.

Wallcanos are a normal part of redpower world and we can't fix them. Randomly appearing volcanoes are interesting though. Can you stick your server log on pastebin?

Also are you using any non-standard terrain generators? There's a possibility that volcanos are .bob or .bob2 objects, and your terrain generator is trying to spawn them like trees.

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I am not using any terrain generators, so the "Wallcanoes" are normal... I'll pastebin the log, but any idea what the SEVERE messgaes were in the first pastebin?

(Added later) Well, this isn't good... The server host appears to have it set up to delete your log after a server restart so I do not have the log file from earlier... Sorry about that. I guess you can close this since you really can't help me anymore. If it happens again, I will download the log immediately and post it, but it usually happens during the times when people are off, or not in the area to actually see it, since that is a lot more than when people are on and actually in the same area as it, so they usually don't see it. We were just lucky.


If you put a space in Wallcanoes, it spells wall canoes...

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I can't help you with this, but I really laughed on your story about the volcano being generated on one of your players. That's funny, although it isn't really supposed to happen ofcourse.

About them spawning from nowhere, I have that also happen sometimes. I thinks Jay? is right about the .bob objects...

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