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B-Team Iconomy Prices

Kumari Ashamaki

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Hi guys new to the forums and new to the game.

We are using iconomy for chest shops and I am setting up admin shops on a large scale.

Problem is being that the server is B-Team their are so many new items that priceings for vanilla MC items I can find via google are no longer balanced.

So has any one created a full list of all the times with good balanced prices for B-Team? 

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I have no such list, and I have reasonable doubts that such a lits would exsist. Most of the things in this modpack are easily obtainable and as easy to automate. Since an economy would have to rely on putting a pricetag on things this would be scaled by rarity and complexity to produce things.


Our server is now running for four months and I haven't been mining or producing raw materials for at least a month now, since I automated all the basics or have acquired a sizeable stash of materials. I have only started this week with witchery which put me in need to grow some plants and trees, but all the suplemental stuff like metals and so on is available in quantities far beyond my personal needs and I am giving stuff away in handfuls to the people I am playing with effectively destroying each planned economy on the go ;)


I would imagine that a server that is bigger as ours (we are only 6) would even faster see its economy crash due to people throwing things on the various markets. There is no real demand for anything, since anything is easy to come by.

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I think the easiest is to just use the included currency and have people price things themselves.

Supply and demand.


Supply is incredibly high, as Browser said, so you'll probably see low demand, but some might go "Eh, shelling out a few shilling for a stack of bread is easier than creating it myself. HAVE SOME COPPER, SIR AND/OR MADAM!" Or they would just skip the currency altogether and trade straight over.


Aside from that, I do second what Browser has said in his post.

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Within the first few weeks of me playing with this modpack I had more energy than I could ever use, in a modular format to create 10k RF/t, that is completely self contained. With such power, everything else came easy to automate (smelting of ores, combining ores into a single type, plants/etc) - even things that didnt work with harvesters/planters have other means to be automated, and with multiple laser drills available, it isnt hard to get materials and quickly.

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Lets say the diamond is the reference as a vanilla item.
Last time I started a new map, I had a stack of them within two mc days. Last time I checked (and I haven't actively mined a long time) I had around 10 stacks of em.

Emeralds are usually rare in vanilla. Here I can automate their generation in a villager smelter and produce them out of basicly nothing. so this would render the two rarest and most sought materials basicly worthless and leave them with a price of 1. Same goes for obsidian by the way. I can create them in a machine using only a constant influx of water, energy and lava.


What actually is hard to come by are some witching ingredients, like icy needles, creeper hearts, tongue of dog and wool of bat. But all it needs is the raw supply of one bat, wolf or snowbell and I can easily automate their generation using mobspawners.


So if your want an economy setup, you would have to take into consideration how skilled your players are and how far their automation processes are. This would result in a constant downfall of prices that will in the midterm leave all items with a price of 1.


You should always remember the one thing generikb said in one of his videos: "This pack is not about balance, its about having fun."

This pack is not made to have people working for stuff. The only mod in this which really had me doing things in a very intense and dedicated way was the witchery mod so far which I have yet to automate, once I find the final location for the lair, but the rest of the pack is primarily to play around with and have fun with your friends.

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All those witchery ingredients can be automated browser...isnt stupidly fast, but can be automated. The hardest things to get would be literally anything that could not be manufactured via automation - which isn't a whole lot. The highest costing items may be enderium ingots simply because of the process those have to go through to get all of the items, but still could be automated to a great extent. Here's a good price point: Archemede's ships, not 100% automated (could be done, but annoying to set it up properly) - but this has the downside of well, it being a damn giant ship of course and no one wants that for a currency base lol.

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