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[1.2.9e] Dark Dominion Tekkit [24/7] [PVE] [KeepInventory] [No-Griefing/Raiding]


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Server Information:

  • Whitelist: NO
  • Server Host Type: Dedicated Server Host
  • Mods Removed: Dimensional Doors
  • Server Difficulty: Normal
  • Server IP: tekkit.darkdominion.net
  • Server Website: http://www.darkdominion.net/


Server Rules:

  • Do not hack, exploit, duplicate, etc.
  • Do not advertise in anyway.
  • Don't ask for staff. You can apply on the website and we will pick staff when we need them.
  • Don't steal, grief, raid, etc.
  • Be Friendly and respectful to all players. Players are on the server to have fun.
  • Don't spam the chat.

Become a member:

You don't have to be a member to play on our server, but by being a member you can get extra rewards for playtime and a cool prefix.


Steps to become a member:

  • Login to our server.
  • Go to our website here: http://www.darkdominion.net/
  • Join the website
  • Click on the "Donation Store" tab
  • Add the free member kit into your shopping cart
  • Check out

note: You have to be logged onto the server for the automated rank system to work.


Server Info:

Website: http://www.darkdominion.net/

Server IP: tekkit.darkdominion.net

Teamspeak Server: Will be displayed on the server.


Hope to see you soon!

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I played this server for about a week. During this time I was given verbal rules by different admins, I had brought this up to the owner [noblebullshark]. Explained that it isn't fair to any player for us to have to keep up with verbal rules that they DO NOT have on their rule lists, ingame NOR their forums. Basically told me he didn't give a fuck. Left without being banned as i bit my tongue, and stayed respectful, even though the owner was not. New Players beware. Unprofessional owner.

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