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race for the wool

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A multiplayer version of a CTM map like the Super Hostile series, but designed for Tekkit, would be pretty cool. I'm not sure a race for the wool map would go over well with my uncompetitive group of friends, though.

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how well do you think a server could handle the load a course could generate? for example, I am working on a cascading gravel room its 23x23 and gravel pours from ceiling to floor in a checkerboard pattern through the entire room endlessly. My PC is a beef cake and handles it fine (so far only a 3rd done building the fountains) but I wonder how an interwebz server would, and what the lag would be like. As this is only one of many planned obstacles I'm curious if I should begin scaling back now on size to allow for all the content i plan.

You would have to do some serious contemplation on what to add, and what to remove.

I am sorry but I do not understand what you mean by this, however it sounds like it might be important and i would like to have more information on your meaning.

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I meant that if this is a physical race, some items are much more suited to quickly getting places than others. Scaffolds take 8.5 wood to make (3 planks and 3 sticks) and give 16 scaffolds; these are able to be stacked from the bottom, climbed on every side, and reinforced to branch outward.

They are amazing.

If this is more of a challenge to get to some prize, in this case wool, then ignore what I said. I love challenge maps that force to me either fully understand a mod, or combine mods.

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The way race for wool normally works is that it is a race between 2 teams on a specially made map. With the goal of getting 3 different pieces of colored wool and place them on your teams victory monument before the other team. While at the same time doing everything you can to delay the other team and prevent them from delaying you.

As for the maps they normally use 2 separate yet fully identical lanes which run parallel to each other. In between the lanes is normally a void lane which is against the rules to enter or build in and surrounding the whole map is nothing but void trapping the players in their lane.

Now hidden with in the maps their are usually 3 different dungeons/challenges which each protect a chest full of colored wool. The maps are also full of deadly traps, hidden resources/chests, and opportunities to attack/delay/screw over the other team.

These maps are normally played with teams of 4 players and require a insane amount of team work.

It may be possible to make a 2 team feed the beast map that will work like race for wool but for tekkit.

Feed the beast is normally a game type where you start with nothing and have to build a insane amount of items to feed into a monument (aka the beast). Usually using EE and many other mods with you starting in a sky block setting with next to nothing.

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