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Can you add custom music discs?

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Oh wait, it would seem like Tekkit does not have AudioMod, dammit.

Actually, I think it's in it. And this mod is capable of creating music discs: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1032006-125forgemore-music-discs-v11-may-30-infinite-custom-discs/

I didn't test it and it's not for SMP either. If you using Tekkit for single player also, maybe you could give it a try. If it doesn't works, then you're just out of luck. If you want to have this in SMP, that isn't possible unless you use Spoutcraft which I doubt will work with Tekkit. Personally, I don't think that Spoutcraft works with Tekkit but I've never tested that either.

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