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as anyone checked out 'no mans sky' ?


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Not sure if anyones had a chance to read the latest game informer.

not sure if i can even post the link to the there website after recent discussions with canvox on advertiseing.

So, im jsut wondering if anyones had a chance to check out the recent gameinformer magazine and read the article about


game looks crazy! Theres no release date.

Its basically a space exploration game that is MASSIVE.

A part of me hopes that let people 'colonize' planets. maybe make a prefab building to decorate and live in.

or create a trade shop to harvest materials a certain planet offers.

It be interesting if they somehow mixed the ideas of no mans sky with some of the ideas from eve online and minecraft.

The videos i've been seeing are insaine.

Not sure if its okay, to post a video about this,so i wont. based on recent convos.. im freaking afraid to post links to anything

since it can be considered advertiseing or spamm. :/

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posting links to a game site is okay. http://www.no-mans-sky.com/

folks have talked about this game here before, but not much can be discussed when no more information or gameplay videos has been revealed yet.


I'm personally a bit sceptic about the whole "infinite" universe thing. There's always a limit on a game...

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Yeah, I've been waiting for it for a long time. I mean, they haven't really shown many features of it yet, but a practically limitless universe? Discovering shiz? Space ship and ground-based pew-pew combat? Sign me up.

Oh yeah, and apparently they use a "64 bit seeding key" which allows for "18 quintillion" planets (I'm not that smart; I don't know exactly what that means or how it works, but I do know that's a huge number of planets to discover/explore), which you can travel to and from seamlessly, into the atmosphere, across the planet (most of 'em bigger than Earth apparently) and out again. I think one of the developers said that the actual sun would 'burn out' before all the planets are found, even if we find one every second.

Pretty ambitious for a second ever game, especially with the first being a side-scrolling motorcycle game, and they're being very careful with their wording, but I hope it really is everything they promise.

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i dunno, the bit they had in GI was definantly interesting. Crazy exciting,


they talke about how the world is so massive that at this point they have no plans for you to meet up with your freinds, cause it would take sooooo many hours to cross the space needed to meet eachother.


The videos i've seen so far seem to be pretty revealing about the gameplay.

I think the only thing thats annoying is that you can upgrade or personalize your ships?


basically, if you see a ship you really like, follow it back to its base and buy it.? Something like that.

There saying the goal is to reach the center for some reason. But, reaching it could take you months just taking a STRAIGHT path.


Theres a robotic creature that keeps the peace in the world. If you attck creatures or change the enviroment while its around, it will attack you somehow.


I dunno. Def. lots of crazy things. Heck, what was MC like when it first came out?

Im sure the game will def. evolve even after it opens its doors offically.


Heck, once they open up, they'll start getting the income they need to improve it even more :) who knows, maybe even mix some VR headset combatiablity in with it ?

Personally, i like that there keeping it quite. Builds up more hype about it

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