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Not a lot of showin off. Here's my first base build.


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Showin off my first few days of play. Pretty much cleared out the caves running north and south of my base (mine is on the other side of the village so the quarry will be full of delicious ore). Suggestions welcome :D

Mark I reactor bank. It's not functional yet. I'm still workin on getting the components for more glass fibre and all the internals for the reactors.

[img width=786 height=626]http://theboombot.com/cloud/Minecraft/technic/2012-01-29_22.44.17.png

Power output

[img width=783 height=626]http://theboombot.com/cloud/Minecraft/technic/2012-01-29_22.44.30.png

From the top of my base junction from reactor bank to house basement and quarry

[img width=783 height=626]http://theboombot.com/cloud/Minecraft/technic/2012-01-29_22.45.42.png

Reactor Bank, location of the second quarry (need more diamonds!), and the currently solar powered quarry.

[img width=784 height=627]http://theboombot.com/cloud/Minecraft/technic/2012-01-29_22.45.50.png

Solar Quarry. I need to raise the flower up one to place the pipes correctly on the chests but I was just setting place holders.

[img width=781 height=624]http://theboombot.com/cloud/Minecraft/technic/2012-01-29_22.45.54.png

big quarry. takes forever to mine down. Will end up being a huge bank of nuclear reactors to power separate factories creating things I haven't thought of yet. There will be a second one next to it separated by a big wall of sand when I get the diamonds.

[img width=740 height=591]http://theboombot.com/cloud/Minecraft/technic/2012-01-29_22.47.20.png

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Gonna take me a while. Gotta take my drill to the caves and find me lots of diamonds (or coal). I wanna build 2 more MFSU's (1 for house and 1 for quarry). added some wireless redstone receivers to the reactors so I can turn 'em all off at the same time to cool down/switch cells. Currently building all the internal components. 21 coolant cells, 10 heat dispersers and 4 uranium cells per reactor is very not cheap for 3.

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Or you could just resize them yourself. Anyways, this all looks very cool. I can't wait to see the finished product.

No. He or she is correct, we need that. We've been busy with a hand full of behind the scenes technic stuff and it's distracted us from building the forums. Hoping to start adding things like that this week. Nice start on your base, thanks for showing it off.

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The reactors. Forgot water destroys the transmitters so I had to move them to the bottom.

[img width=689 height=551]http://theboombot.com/cloud/Minecraft/technic/2012-01-30_05.31.56.png

bottom view. still only have the one MSU powering the quarry but no forks and the 3 reactors keeps the one charged under the load of 2 quarries.

[img width=728 height=582]http://theboombot.com/cloud/Minecraft/technic/2012-01-30_05.32.41.png

M1 setup courtesy of badashgames

[img width=613 height=490]http://theboombot.com/cloud/Minecraft/technic/2012-01-30_05.32.59.png

Underneath here is glass fibre and an energy link forking to the two quarries. Probably going to go out the back and put two more closer to the volcano.

[img width=700 height=560]http://theboombot.com/cloud/Minecraft/technic/2012-01-30_05.33.23.png

Each quarry is 60 x 60 at a level of 64. that's about 230,400 blocks.

They all stack to that's 3600 inventory slots per stack.

67 chests per quarry. full of sand, cobble, gravel, and ore.

I think I'll build the chest pipes and just let it run. because I can.

and I'm a he unless I've had a few shots.

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How to use the reactor is kind of a big subject.

The wiki can give you a brief explanation. Watch some youtube vids and google a bit. There's a lot of information out there.

It's bugged though. If you plan on using them, never let the uranium cells run out full or it'll crash the map to the saving chunks screen. They last for 160 minutes.

There's a mod called power converters that didn't make it into this version of the pack for some reason. If you install the mod You can build something called the energy link that will allow you to connect IC cables and BC conductive pipes. A quarry running on nuclear power is fast as balls.

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So over 2,800 Reinforced Stone (and who knows how much concrete) is a lot of iron to mine for 1 reactor... here are some pictures of my reactor set up. Unit 1's exterior is done, but the interior redstone controls are still under construction. Note: Unit 2 is under construction next door as well. Also, security wouldn't let me release photos that gave away too much detail about the reactor's protection or inner workings. Not that anyone griefs on the server this is located on. :P








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Wow, why do you have that much wiring around your inner reactor chamber? I only build 2 atomic power plants till now. But in technic 6 i went over in using only green energy sources. I've never build such a big reactor room, for me it makes more sense to build seperate smaller rooms each containing a 6 chamber neutral breeder. Of course with on/off switchable water cooling system for faster warm up ;)

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I don't really need breeders as I find enough Uranium as it is. I'm into making things look cool, not just trying to abuse the hell out of efficiencies (if I were, I'd just play EE all day, 100% efficient always). The purpose for the wiring (which is still under construction) is twofold:

[list type=decimal]

[li]Griefers (rare on this private server) will have to do a lot of fancy footwork, brainwork, and guesswork to break into the reactor chamber to purposefully overheat it.[/li]

[li]If the chunk the reactor is on is only partially loaded (as in, someone such as me moves very far away from it) then it will turn itself off until all chunks containing its reinforcement are loaded. Not 100% sure on this one but hey better to be safer than sorry![/li]

[li]It looks badass & more imposing than a smaller 9x9 cube or whatever.[/li]

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I really like how you arranged the quarries. Can you upload the map using mediafire or something?

not anymore I can't. I killed it when technic 6 came out.

It's not that difficult to set up though. I just put 2 quarries right next to each other after setting land marks as far apart as the lasers would go.

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