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So i'm playing Tekkit, and i'm pretty much at the end of my game, so i'm looking for some challenges to entice me.

Here are a few thoughts on challenges that (in my mind) should be taken into account.


1) No restrictions on tech available. If i wanted restrictions, i'd simply remove the mod pack, and i like Tekkit too much to do that.

2) Challenges should be specific and difficult. Don't just say "build a 6 story house", say "Build a 6 story house, each floor of which should be created out of different materials, and at least one story should be made of solid redstone blocks. 

3) Gating technology is ok. If you have a series of challenges, then gating the tech available for said series would be acceptable.

4) No EE. This is one of my teck-restriction exemptions... it's too easy to get renewable resources to convert into difficult items... besides, there's already plenty of ways to get all the resources you need. Also - EE effectively ruined an old tekkit server i was running when i ended up having all items being mass-produced, and excess EE stored in type-3 collectors or whatever, just to melt them down and turn them into whatever i wanted. 
5) Ideally challenges that won't require me to completely start my server over again would be preferable... however, i'm not opposed to starting over either.



While i understand that some ppl will read this and say to themselves "why even bother with challenges if you're not willing to 'challenge' yourself", hopefully enough readers will have a good idea and/or a project that they themselves have done and suggest them here.

One of my projects (which could be considered a challenge) was the following.

Automatic Pink Slimeball farm

Create an automatic pink slimeball farm for yourself. This should require you to reliably generate pink slime, automatically place the slime for transformation into a living pink slime, and automated slaughter of said resulting living slimes to harvest them for their ever-so-valuable little pink slimeballs. You then must pump the harvested slimeballs to a centralized location for storage. (i will add a screenshot of my setup when i can)



Another challenge could be the following.


Create an automated processing factory using the smallest area available
I currently have a processing factory that accepts all the resources i gain (via just about any means - using Ender chests as a centralized depositing location), and puts them into a staging chest... and  this runs each item through a system of filters. Anything that cannot be processed further (diamonds, emeralds) or items i don't wish to process further (cobblestone, sand) gets filtered out and sorted into my wall-o-resources. Everything else (primarily ores) get put into a second staging chest to be pulverized. The pulverized ore is then sent back to the first staging chest to be re-filtered.

Due to the fact that we have different mods, some items that can create identical objects exists. Primarily Pulverized Iron / Gold and Iron / Gold Dust. well, since the bars are pulverized into the 'pulverized' versions, i filter the dusts (as well as other items such as nether ferrous) into a third staging chest to be cooked in a furnace at this stage. This results in the production of bars that can then be crushed again to allow it all to stack nicely. These bars (and ore in the case of the nether ferrous) are then sent back to the original staging chest to be re-processed once again.

Ultimately, what i ended up with was a system of pipes and filters that take up VERY little space (though it's disorganized down there, because of other machine creep) and that actually handles every resource i currently produce. 



Most people have similar processing plants to the above suggestion, but mine handles (or can handle) all possible items, and has a small footprint. I'd love to see screenshots of others

So, i know this was a stupid long post, and if you read through both of my challenge ideas for people (and yeah, they're not overly challenging...why do you think i'm asking for suggestions myself) then thank you for your time. I look forward to seeing responses here and trying to do some new stuff in Tekkit.

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Here is an idea that is part building challenge and part fun activity with friends: Build a racetrack


The idea is to make a "winding road" a few blocks wide, in the style of a race circuit - the track itself being made from MFR Road Blocks, which will accelerate any entity moving across them (Ice will work, too). The track should have (grass?) side lanes, so skill would be required to stay on the track and not slide off to the side lanes and lose the speed boost. Also needs installations to prevent shortcutting, and maybe some redstone magic to time players (or maybe Computercraft?).


It will become particularly interesting when players are allowed to use speed boosts such as provided by potions or a Powersuit, which will make staying on the track a real challenge at higher speeds - note that the speed effect increases as suit weight decreases, so this is also a challenge in suit design. Before you lay down the track, make a test strip with MFR Road Blocks to see how fast you can go on them, so you have an idea about minimum track length and what diameter the curves should have.


The main fun will be the actual racing, of course. But I imagine that the thing will also tickle a builder's creativity in no small way. I never got around to build it, but I had the idea ever since I made a road system and discovered the break-neck speed that you can achieve.

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Thinking about it further, you will need to take measures against bypassing via flight or high jumping. You could of course mandate that it's ruled out, but maybe it would be more fun to have a ceiling lined with Iron Spikes (from Extra Utilities).


More ideas to add:

  • Force-Field-gated shortcuts that players can "earn" by de-activating the Force Field for a second or two (hitting a pressure plate or somethng)
  • moats crossing the track that require timed jumps to get across and avoid losing momentum (add some spice by using lava, pyro or cryo instead of water)
  • buff fountains that players can hit for a short boost (milk or liquid Glowstone)
  • dispensers with Splash Potions Of Swiftness firing randomly, or activated by skill shots/moves
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I had actually thought about the flying scenario, but since my server is a private server with just friends, i don't think it'd be necessary. 

I hadn't considered buffs or the like - but i like the idea of say, getting in the proper lane to trigger a splash potion or teleport door pathway... 

Your idea is also giving me another idea regarding a kind of maze with puzzles... i'll have to think my way through that one.

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Another idea: Mystcraft portals. If you managed to get Crystal blocks, which spawn in some Mystcraft Ages, you can attach your linking books to Crystal Portals (needs one Book Receptable per portal) and teleport players. The fun thing here is, if you manage to get a page (from the Ink Mixer) with both Intra Linking and Maintain Momentum on it, you can craft what could be called "Flash Portals". You could do crazy things with them like shooting players at 90° or even 180° angles out of the exit point with all the speed they had when jumping through the portal. Getting the exit points right may be tricky. But you wanted challenges... ;-)

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Underground subway system linking player bases and the spawn point.  I've done this one before myself.  Real challange here is setting it up so all the player bases are linked together in a loop or closed circuit system allowing the user to move from one base to the other and get on/off where they want to without having to exit at each base.  Can make it more interesting by making a separate "Express" line.  This express line would link the player base to the spawn point directly making it quicker for the player to return from spawn to their main base.  The challange comes in when you have say 7 different players/bases all linked directly to the spawn point and set a way to allow the player to select which base they go to so you only have 1 line running from the spawn point to a nexus point.

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I've not played with Mysticraft, so i might look into that one. I'm also unfamiliar with spatial pylons, (are they mysticraft as well??) My teleport networks usually involve a pocket dimension and dimensional doors.

Regarding the subway system...i've done that before, but i did a simple subway station, where each out-lane was a binary address (toggled on / off via levers)

So for example, (for readability) my address would be 1357 (all levers in the 'off' position). Another address might be 2357 (first lever in the ON position, the rest in the OFF)

This allowed for 8 unique lanes to be controlled and used. By adding in a 5th lever, you up the amt of lanes you can control to 16. There was a singular return lane, but the problem becomes going from one player base to another without the use of the central station. I'm not sure if this was your suggestion or not, but if not, yeah - the subway station is actually a really fun project. I just wish i could get more ppl playing on my server. As it is, i'm the only person that's on there reliably. 

My current project is actually a suggestion my 8yr old daughter gave me. A twist on 'Five Nights at Freddy's'. In this project, i've got a simple 'map' of the building representing the pathways and rooms (rooms are redstone lamps on this map). Each actual room is lined with pressure plates, which send a redstone signal to a wireless transmitter, which will, in turn, light up the appropriate lamp on my map. In each room (if you're playing the part of a bad guy), you'll have a button stuck somewhere that will allow you to open a door. I'm thinking i might want to make it open a random door, but i'm undecided on that. Right now, it opens a specific door. The 'night guard' will need to go and press a button near the door to close it again, thus saving himself...however - there are rows of pressure plates in the observation room which, when pressed, will force the opposite door open. 


I'd like to control the doors via computercraft so that i can have a new game / track 'energy' / etc. This will eliminate the need for the pressure plates in the observation room - as the doors will automatically open if the energy runs out. I'd also like to come up with a better 'failure' scenario. Ideally, the ground would open up and you'd fall into a lava pit or possibly a bunch of resonant ender and get ported out... but until that point, i think a diamond sword on a naked person would be effective.


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I've not played with Mysticraft, so i might look into that one. I'm also unfamiliar with spatial pylons, (are they mysticraft as well??) My teleport networks usually involve a pocket dimension and dimensional doors.


Spatial Pylon is a part of the Spatial Containment Structure in the ME Network (Applied Energistics)

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