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[1.6.4] Paradigne [PvE/PvP] [20+ Slots] [ParadignePack] [24/7] New Community, Old, Time-Tested, Stable Server and Modpack

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I am currently looking for a few mature players to join me on my server.


My server has been up and running with a myriad of mods/plugins since Minecraft's Alpha, and the time-tested modpack is extremely stable and fully-featured. I've never seen anyone else attempt a modpack quite like this one, as it maintains a survival experiance and has zero game-ending features (such as quarries, Equivilent Exchange, invulnerable armor, super-powerful magic, etc.) that override other features. The core concept is to never get bored in Paradigne, and to never reach a point where the game is trivial.


I work a full-time job, so I haven't had a chance to keep my community healthy. We've had up to 50 players at one point, but over the years this has died down since many players moved on from Minecraft. Custom modpacks are also prettty difficult to get players into - it was WAY easier when we ran Tekkit Classic years ago. I am now hoping to get a few more interested if they are willing to brave a new modpack! Sign up on our website, or simply log in and take a look around.






General Server Information:

Type: 24/7 Professionally Hosted Server (multiple server locations worldwide)

IP Address: play.paradigne.com (this IP comes pre-configured into the modpack)

Slots: 20 for now, but willing to upgrade any time

Modpack: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/paradignepack


Server Rules & Guidelines ("Laws"):



The type of players we want:
Mature, fun-loving players


This server is an open server for the moment (no whitelist, no graylist... play right away), however ignorance is not a tolerable excuse for breaking our rules. If you refuse to register, and you break a rule and get banned, you cannot simply state that you were never told the rules... unregistered players play at their own risk, and should know the rules and laws if they intend to continue playing with us.


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So far a few applications have been received by our administration, welcome all whom have applied! New Years Eve is upon us, so many of us are busy in the real world today... but that being said we are certainly still looking for additional members! Check us out, and apply if you like what you see!

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Server Update:

Paradigne has welcomed 7 or 8 stable players as of last week! It seems technic is becoming more and more popular, so kudos to this wonderful team of hard-working individuals! I'm growing more and more excited by this spike in uptake - last year we would have never hoped to have had such a positive response to a single forum post.

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