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TerraTekkit 1.4.7 PVP, keep inventory, No griefing or raids.


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We are a 1 month old server, We need players, donators, Staff, We have all sorts of fun, Only Nukes and mine turtles are banned!



We do giveaways, rewards, We are getting teamspeak, We are starting youtube lets plays.


If you bring players in and they stay you get a reward.


We are honest, Theres no drama, no griefing, (Survival) (Pvp) (Bukkit) (Grief Protection)


If caught griefing you will be banned for a week.


IP IS, terratekkit.hosthorde.net :kiddo:


If you have any questions contact me on skype, CountryChris, Gamer

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Want to know why you're not getting any responses in here?  It's because you haven't presented a good face to the community.  Your post is boring.  I suggest sprucing it up a bit.  Ask a moderator if you want to edit the title, unless you can figure out how to edit it yourself.


Edit: Yeah, I'm just going to lock it.  You can put up another post if you want.

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