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TPPI|Anarchy|PVP|Looting & Raiding|Griefing|v1.1.12


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No Whitelist, One Banned Item, No Factions, No Guilds, No Restrictions, just full on PvP.

Do you like to build defensively? Are you itching to go raiding? Do you like a good fight now and then? Don't like rules or banned items?

Our TPPI Anarchy server is the place for you!

This is a mid sized server WorldBorder server with pre-generated

  • 2000 x -2000 area in: The Overworld, Nether, Twilight Forest and a
  • 1000 x -1000 area in: The Deep Dark, Promised Land, Witchery Dimension, The End, Bedrock and Witchery Dimensions

There will be a small server spawn at 0,0 and a Sanctuary Castle Fortress at an undisclosed location.

This Fortress will be a protected area where PVP is not allowed, encouraged to bring a linking book WITH you for ease of teleportation for trading!

Server Address: , 8GB RAM, Hosted in TX.

We are using combattaginstakill, /sethome, autorestart and the only banned item is the book binder. Which is used to create Mystcraft Ages, which are blocked.


  1. NO Glitching/Duping/Exploiting/Cheating
  2. Don't break protected areas
  3. Don't complained when you are raided/bombed/killed. This WILL happen to you multiple times.
  4. There are more at spawn, be sure to read them with /rules.

If you have any comments or concerns, Please leave a comment on our reddit post: Its the fastest way to get a hold of us! http://redd.it/2rw2g4

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