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Elite-Craft TPPI|Non-Pvp|No Raid/Grief|NPC Quest|Friendly Staff


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Welcome to the official post of EliteCraft on Technic forums! Around this time I should inform you why my server is better than everyone elses, so lets proceed. 


Server IP:




Here is a list of plugins that you may notice when playing:


  • PEX
  • Mob Arena (Work in progress)
  • Grief Prevention
  • Citizens 2
  • Chest Shop
  • Quest (At the time of posting this is almost done)
  • Essentials
  • Simple Warp (Sign for the mall)
  • Soon to be votifier!
  • And much, much more!

Functioning Website with a contact info and a forum:


Over the time I have spent working on and around servers (About 4 years), I learned that connection with the players is crucial. To the best of my ability I have made a website capable of reaching out to other members of the community and staff whenever that help may not be their in game. This website will soon have engaging features to it that reward the player such as a membership rank.





Every player has promised rights the second they join:


  • Equal treatment until we feel you dont deserve it. For example, donors will recieve rewards and be respected, but not treated like he is way more important than everyone else.
  • You can apply for a un-ban on the forums for FREE. Although a multitude of factors will be in account such as the offence and how much you offend, which in returns determines the outcome.
  • Lastly, if you have a problem, we will always get to it ASAP. If a staff member does not respond emmidiatly, then he may be handling other matters.


Thanks for reading and I hope to see you on Elite Craft TPPI!

-Jared (Owner of said server)

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