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Kagic and More - 1.12.2 (Still in progress)


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Hey there everyone. To start, my name is The1Tiger. If you're reading this, you either have an idea of what this modpack is about or you're just bored and got nothing better to do. Either way, welcome.
For some, you may be wondering what Kagic is - well it's a mod that is inspired and built around the popular series on Cartoon Network called Steven Universe. In this mod, you are able to create Gems that you command, having them farm for you, fight for you and even help you manage new gems that you make. This is the base mod of this modpack. However, this isn't the only mod to come with this modpack, there is:

- Better Questing
- Carpenter's Blocks
- Twilight Forest
- Journey Map
And others

I do still intend to add more mods of YOUR choice, as long as it semi suits the idea of the modpack itself, as well as many more quests. 
If you wish play this modpack, here's the link: 
as well as there being a link to the Kagic mod's Official Discord.
On that note - have fun playing and enjoy the rest of your day!

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