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Trouble with FLANS on Forge server

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Trying to add Flans and one content pack to a forge server. Added the Flans jar to the server, started it, and it created the Flan folder. I stopped it, added the content pack I wanted  (moden warfare) to it (and its dependency), and restarted it. Starts fine. 


I then added the flans jar to my client modpack, and created a Flan folder, and added the same content pack there too, zipped it and uploaded to dropbox. I incremented the version number in tekkit. It downloaded fine and updated my client. 


When I join my server in creative and try to place anything in Flans, it crashes both client and server. Logs link below. 


When I try to place in single player mode, it works fine. 


Running Forge 1277 

Java 7u72 x64


Modpack link:

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  • Your PermSize options are messed up:
-XX:PermSize=3096m -XX:MaxPermSize=4000m
  • You should not be allocating 3-4G of RAM to permanent generation space.
  • Your Better Dungeons mod is not installed correctly. Open the ZIP file and follow the instructions.
  • The Warp Mod is not installed correctly. The ZIP file just contains a JAR file.
  • I think the Moden Weapons Pack has a conflict of some sort with either another mod, or SMP in general. It is throwning an error related to data persistence when placing vehicles from that pack. I removed that pack and added FC Pack addon and was able to place vehicles from that. Might need to take the issue up with the Flan's group.

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