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Recipes using RE-Battery wrong?

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Hey guys, currently using Tekkit Server 3.0.4 and I'm completely new to IC2 (only used redpower before). I'm trying to build a generator. But that's where my problem is. In the official IC2 wiki, the generator is using an uncharged RE-Battery. But ingame NEI says, that the recipe uses charged RE-Batterys. But how am I supposed to get charged RE-Batterys, when they are needed to build something, that can charge them? oO The only things that I can craft with the uncharged RE-Batterys are: Energy Loader and Energy Unloader. I'm not quite sure, if thats a bug or a feature and I'm just stupid xD Sry for my bad english, I'm from germany :S

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It's amazing that you took the time to post this thread instead of just trying the recipe out yourself to see if in fact, charged and uncharged batteries are interchangeable.

He was worried he'd break the internet.

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