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[1.0.13c] Versus [PvE][40 Slots] Dedicated household server.

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Server IP

Server Rules

  • No griefing, stealing, and so on. 


  • Abstain from general douchebaggery that would ruin the experience for others or take away the homey atmosphere.

You should choose the "Use Latest" option from the Technic Launcher. This should be 1.0.13d


No mods were removed.
No items are banned.
Griefing Protection
The server is a Core i7 4.0Ghz with 16GB DDR3 2000 RAM, connected by a Verizon Fios 150Mbps line. The server runs on Ubuntu 14. This is a home-run server, with expected 24/7 uptime. I use Splashtop Remote Desktop for 24/7, mobile monitoring of the server to avoid any crash-related downtime. 
 We've a small but stable community, and any friendly players are welcome.

No whitelist.
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Yeah still no go. Stable stream, b, c, and d: Nothing. Beta stream of same ones, nothing. With d I got as far in as saying it was logging into the server, but then it goes blank and goes back to the launcher.

13:00:21 [INFO] Loading Player: chronosmaker
13:00:21 [INFO] Sending serverside check to: chronosmaker
13:00:24 [INFO] Connection reset
13:00:24 [INFO] chronosmaker lost connection: disconnect.genericReason
13:00:24 [INFO] Unloading Player: chronosmaker
13:00:24 [INFO] ºechronosmaker left the game.

Sorry, not much to work with here. Guess I need to know if its just you or if anyone else is having the same problem.

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