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Tekkit + mcMMO Config Files

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I spent forever looking for Tekkit 3.0.4 and mcMMo config files and couldn't find them, so I figured I would post what I have done so far. I'll probably finish with the rest of the items and probably fine tune them a little more as we go. Please if you have any recomendations, please let me know. Did this in about a few hours (Was a pain to figure it all out, after that went kinda quick)...

Blocks (Neather Blocks, Redpowerblocks, IC2 Blocks)

Tools (All Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire, and Bronze tools) - Fixed Repair List Updated June 27th 2012

Armor (Bronze Only one we use) - Updated June 27th 2012

I hope this helps someone. I really just wanted to share these because I spent forever trying to find them myself.

Please remember, my server we don't use EE, those items have not been added nor do I plan to add them. They are really over powered and the game kinda gets boring after you get them, so we disabled them. But these well at least support the basic tools and blocks from Redpower and IC2 and even the Bronze Armor from IC2

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Its done, I am going to be uploading it with the fixed repair list later today, probably in about 8-10 hours from now.

EDIT: These list's wont included EE weapons or armor. My server has most EE things disabled, So I wont be including them, sorry.

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Can't wait for theses, I already added some items from EE to the list myself but if I can complete with a copy paste from someone that took the time to do it, that would be really nice, thanks a lot for your hard work.

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Yeah, just check back later tonight or tomorrow, I adjusted the repair values because I didnt realize I hadn't before.

Basically if the item required 3 Rubies to make, it should only take 3 Rubies to fix, So each Ruby should repair 1/3 of the item, 1 Ruby well completely repair a shovel, etc.

This seemed more fair... Kinda glad others found this useful.

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When you run the server, the plugin will create a folder inside your mcmmo plugin folder, called "ModConfigs" - just place them there.

EDIT: Remember to enable them in the mcmmo config.yml - should look something like this:


Tool_Mods_Enabled: true

Armor_Mods_Enabled: true

Block_Mods_Enabled: true

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I use the latest build, it seems to work fine even though its not meant for the version(mcMMO 1.3.09)...

I will not add EE items or IC2 weapons as they are not used on our servers. Sorry, this is a really good starting point if someone would like to build on to.

Thank you aldrigviking, for helping, I usually only come here when I get an email saying I have a new post, sorry I disappeared guys. Aldrigviking, if you would like to post those here, I'll included them in the main post...

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finished tools now.

By default I have disabled repair for IC2 and EE items.

Also disabled the abilities for EE items, since they already have abilities tied to right-clicking. You can change that of course if you like to, same with repairs, but it would just enable players infinite repairs on EE items. Will post all of them when I finish them.

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IC2 tools don't use a normal damage system, the code resets the damage value to a ratio of it's charge amount every time it uses or gains EU. Repairing them will do nothing at all.

EE items have a somewhat similar system, where the damage level is a ratio of the tool's charge setting. Also a complete waste to repair them.

Nice job on this, always helpful to have pre-made configs to make plugins compatible.

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