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1.7.10 Mojangsters Modpack Server, Very Hard Survival, PvP, PvE, Raid, Grief, No Lagg

I have set up a pole to help me understand a few things about minecraft players, please vote.  

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  1. 1. How do you feel about the difficulty level on the server?

    • I think it's way too hard, and i find it confusing.
    • I think it's way too hard, but it is very simple to understand the mechanics of the game.
    • I find it very difficult, but I like the challenge! I am a Mojangster!!
    • I craft at night, Mine and gather materials during the day, It's very easy if you take it slow and are careful.
    • This Server Is Way Too Easy, I can play it in my sleep!!
  2. 2. If you ragequit from a server, would you come back and try again?

    • I wouldn't come back, it's no fun if i can't win.
    • I would come back over and over again until i won!
    • I would make a plan on how to survive and be successful
  3. 3. What do you look for when choosing a server?

    • No Laggg!!!!.
    • Admins and Staff Around to help if needed.
    • Lots of players online.
    • I like a easy to play server.
    • I like a difficult to play server.
    • I like PVP
    • I like PVE
    • I like to fortify my base and challenge others to "Come At Me Bro!"
    • I like to raid players and make them cry!
    • I like free donator stuff

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Thermal Expansion At It's Best!!

Mojangsters Modpack


Very Hard Survival: Improved [Nether, End]

Twilight Forest, Guns, Rocket Launchers

Solar Panels, RF Tools, More Health

PPS(Personal Protective Shield) Like in Halo!

Optional Intro Video:


Server Website: http://evilbrains.enjin.com/

Technic launcher, Modpack location: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/mojangsters.583708

Techic launcher url: http://api.technicpack.net/modpack/mojangsters

Please let me know what you like or don't like about this modpack.

No comment is too harsh or wrong in my opinion.

This server Modpack was designed to be very hard on experienced players.

It will take most players a long time to get to End game material.

Start in Overworld, Gather materials from the nether, Explore Twilight Forest

and finally Challenge The End.

Mods List

  • CodeChickenLib
  • ForgeMultipart
  • ClothingCraft                         Dress yourself with custom color clothing
  • SpaceCore
  • Useful Pets                            Have a Wolf, Cat, or Slime as a pet and level them up
  • Extended Workbench            Make bigger Vanilla tools
  • InvisibLights
  • Hearts                                   Start out with 1 Heart, but gain up to 30 hearts
  • Animals Plus                         Birds, squirls, fish, sharks ect. to enhance your experience
  • AnimationApi
  • AppleCore
  • Appliedenergistics                Massive Storage and crafting system
  • Better Anvils                         Increased cap and lowered some costs
  • BiblioCraft
  • BiomesOPlenty                     Incredible world generation
  • Cannibalism                          eat villagers or other players
  • Carpenter's Blocks                Build with no limits
  • Charcoal Block                      You can make em now
  • Chisel                                     Lots of new Blocks to decorate with
  • ChocolateQuest                    Npc villages, castles to raid / recruit
  • CleanView                            No potion particles
  • CodeChickenCore
  • CoFHCore
  • CosmeticArmor                     Wear Armor While looking like your skin or other armor
  • CraftableGlowstone              Yup!!
  • CyanosLootableBodies         When you die a corpse is left on the ground wearing your items / inventory
  • Decocraft                               Decoration only
  • Ender IO                                Run 5 different pipes through 1 block of space 
  • ExtraFood
  • Fairylights
  • Flans Mod
  • Modern Weapons                 Flan's Guns
  • Pack a Punch                       Flan's Guns With A Punch!!
  • Flat Signs                            Place a sign on the ground or on the ceiling
  • Fog Nerf                              No water or bedrock fog
  • Fortress Mod                       Protect your base with Bedrock like material [Fortress Generator]
  • Hardcore Ender Expansion - New [The End] 
  • Hunger Overhaul                 Last longer without eating, debuffs on low hunger
  • Hungry Animals                   Smart Animals, they poop and eat
  • Infernal Mobs                      High health, high damage monsters.
  • Insomnia                             Can't go to sleep, ever!!
  • Inventory Tweaks
  • JumpPad++                         Make a portal pad, end pad, jump pad, incineration pad, etc.
  • Ladders                               ladders without a wall behind them
  • Malisiscore
  • Malisisdoors                       Epic Doors
  • MedicineCraft                     Craft regeneration bandages or health packs
  • MoarSigns                           Diamond sign, emerald sign, etc
  • Mob Armor Mod                 Kill mobs, look like the mob with special abilities
  • Mobius Core
  • Modular Pots                      Plant stuff in pots
  • Mr Crayfish Furniture
  • Natural Absorption             Personal Protective Shield, Like in Halo!
  • Netherores
  • NEI
  • Open Blocks
  • OpenModsLib
  • Pet Bat                                 Have a Bat as a pet and level it up!!
  • Progressive Automation      Mining and harvesting system
  • Rafradek Wallpaint
  • Redstone Arsenal                Thermal Expansion Power Armor
  • Ruins
  • Safe-Mod
  • Secret Rooms                      Make traps with ghost blocks or pressure plates, Camo doors ect.
  • Simply Jetpacks                   Hard to craft jet packs, realism
  • Solar Flux                            Thermal expansion solar panels like IC2
  • Special Mobs                       Different skeletons, creepers, enderman, zombies
  • Spice Of Life
  • Steel Industries                     Steel and Titanium
  • Super Diamond Tools            Make Tools With Diamond Blocks
  • Thermal Dynamics                Thermal Expansion Pipes
  • Thermal Expansion
  • Thermal Foundation
  • Thirst Mod                            You now have thirst
  • Too Much Time                     Days And Nights Last 30min Real Time
  • Translocator                         New ways filter and transfer items from chests/other
  • Twilight Forest                     Epic New Dimension!!


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