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[1.2.5]WorldEdit Creative Tekkit! Weeee!


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So, uh, my server. Let's skip all the garbage and get to the good stuff.

Server IP:

Rules: Oooh, let's see.

  • Don't greif. Wow, surprise there, right?
  • Don't abuse the unbanned items. Like, don't set something on fire with the Ignition Ring or something.
  • Keep lag to a minimum. You can get crazy with your redstone, but don't PURPOSELY lag us out. Come on.
  • Don't spam. Please.
  • Don't be a punk.
  • Golden Rule: Use common sense. Do that and you're good to go on.


  • Full Creative and WORLDEDIT! You heard me. Worldedit.
  • 128x128 unlimited plots! Why would I even limit that?
  • Pretty cool staff. I think.
  • No banned items! Well, one item is.
  • Lovely builders and plug-in developers!
  • 24/7 Online Time
  • No Serverlag at All!

Plug-In List




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