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Question about some Tekkit items

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Hi, I am not completely sure if this is where I should post this, so sorry if it shouldn't be here. I have been using Tekkit, and I noticed that the Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, etc tool and weapon sets look like the original 16x16 pixels. I follow the Yogcast and whatnot, and they have recently been doing some Tekkit videos. They seem to have nice looking sphax skins for those tool and weapon sets, that actually matches the 128x128 Sphax texture pack. I am wondering, is there something I have to download to get the nicer looking Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, etc tool and weapons? Or is something wrong? Thanks for your time.

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No, they're not using a different texture pack. Instead, you add files to your Sphax texture pack rar/zip/whatever.

Here's the files you need, choose the one that matches your resolution:


Then, just open up the regular Sphax texture pack (the rar in your texture pack folder), then basically just select all the files from within the folder you just downloaded, and drag them into the texture pack rar. That should do it!

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You can find the complete Technic/Tekkit 128x Sphax texture pack on these forums here, actually! It has the whole pack, including full Technic/Tekkit textures and 1.2.5 textures. If that's too hardware-intensive (It is pretty tough, combined with Technic/Tekkit), the 64x can be found with it too.

The 128x works with 1.2.5 Minecraft stuff and Mo Creatures as well as the 64x, but it is under (Old 128x) link as opposed the 64x link.

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