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quarry not working


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i downloaded the newest version of tekkit and got my server working started doing some bug tests onn each mod and i think i found one with the buildcraft quarry. the quarry wont mine it will set up the hazard tape but wont build the frame or start mining same with the buildcraft mining well it kinda works if there isnt a block under it then it builds a pipe but wont mine still everything works right power is fine engines are fine and i looked in the config and turned the ming off restarted the server and turned it back on still doesnt work i am on a mac not sure if that matters....

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If you edit the config file for buildcraft in the server files. (ie. Tekkit\buildcraft\config\buildcraft.cfg)

# Configures the name of the fake player used when blocks.placedby=fakeplayer


# Configures BLOCK_PLACE and BLOCK_BREAK events. Options are 'null' and 'fakeplayer'


change "blocks.fakeplayername=fakeplayer" to a full privilaged Admin player name

"blocks.placedby=fakeplayer" to a full privilaged Admin player name

made my quarry work.

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Both Buildcraft and Forestry use a "Fake Player" to alter the world. If you install a permissions plugin it can interfere with the ability of these "Fake Players" to alter the world such as building Quarry Frames, Mining Blocks, etc.

You can look in the config files for both of the mods to find the name of the Fake Players they create. From there just assign them the access to everything through whatever permissions plugin you're using. That should fix the problem.

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If your still having issues i would recommend switching to pex and making a group for the mods and adding * perm to that group.

Here is how:

./pex group tekkit add *

./pex user [buildcraft] group set tekkit

./pex user [Redpower] group set tekkit

./pex user [industrialcraft] group set tekkit

Hope that helps.

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Hey, I had this same problem on a private server. I tried some of your suggestions and nothing worked. But i tried spawning in some frames and putting that in place and it worked. Not sure if it was the exact same problem as you guys but, yeah.

Hope this helps.

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I'm not sure if i got this correctly, but if i did, if you give the fakeplayer that mining machines use op status it can then modify any chunk even protected ones like spawn...now that's ok with miners and quarrys because they work verticaly and only ops can place them in a protected area in the first place but what about TBMs and that block breaker that can move on frames and thus travel and mine horrizontaly?...if you give op accces to their fake player then anyone can aim such machines at your protected area and ravage it.....am I right?

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